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I have nothing to hide and plenty to fear. Any comments I make today are ok today and not ok tomorrow. Everything I say and do can be be used against me later. My life is private, I don't want to have to be careful with my life to ensure that what I say and do today may be used by the state tomorrow.

It's better for me to keep a low profile now so there is no trail later. I prefer cash because I don't want the state looking through my purchase history, I don't want to make the banks a profit because it's easier to pay with credit. When I use my credit card, it also costs me interest if I can't pay my balance.

Cash equals sovereignty, credit equals slavery.


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Cash equals sovereignty, credit equals slavery.

This right here. They charge you for the privilege of credit/debit in the form of higher price of goods AND finance charges if you don't pay in full at the end of the month.

It truly is a devious system only a Jew could love


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Yeah, never buy alcohol or tobacco with cards.