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Transactions between individuals?

Conducting business privately?


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That's just fancy talk for "drug deals".

Playing Devil's advocate here- how would you reply to that?


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I would reply, "That's the point!"

Cash allows people to ignore the state. This makes it harder for the government to impose its will against the will of the people. The right to bear arms and defend yourself against crime (rather than being totally dependent on the police) does the same thing. So does the ability to communicate privately. Everything that characterizes a free society empowers the people to defy the government. That's the point!

Governments in general will be as tyrannical as they can get away with. Government monitoring and control of all transactions in the economy (which is the goal of the cashless society) means absolute, grinding despotism.

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Hurr durr I don't value privacy and neither should you.

Thats like asking a gun owner why he needs a particular firearm.


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1st: can be done electronically easily these days.

2nd: why would you need it to be private?


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How can it be done electronically? What extra equipment/software do I have to buy? What if If the internet isn't available? What happens when the power goes out, my batteries die, or the equipment or software fails?

What if I want tangible wealth that is stored in a physical location rather than it being numbers on some fucking cloud which is vulnerable to hackers?

Why does it need to be private? Because I have a right to my privacy. Its none of your damn business quite frankly.