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Mostly high school sports and boring local government stuff. Police blotter is all drunk driving with the occasional heroin bust thrown in.

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Don't forget weather!

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boring local government stuff

Ya know, like the stuff that affects your life everyday. This is the type of apathy that leads to shitty local government.

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I didn't say I don't read it, I just said it's boring.

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I will never understand how people can still watch TV news.

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so you're saying there are "white areas" somewhere? anywhere?

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There are very small white enclaves. However almost any city over 50,000 is diverse, especially if your the south or southwest

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I live in a rural area, the local news comes from the nearest major city.

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Start your own local news blog and help spread the red pill

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Omaha is the whitest place I have personally been (about 13% black so the same as the overall US). This is one of theirs


EDIT: I should say whitest CITY I have ever been to. I have been to places much whiter but they never have their own local news, just the nearest major city news.

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Springfield, MO. About 150k people in town, another 50k or so in the surrounding suburbs. 88.7% white, which is down from 94% about 2 years ago.

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There is a local radio that has a segment of its show where they read random 911 calls and most of them are made by bored white or old people

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The top story was a shed fire, a few years ago in Wheeling, wv

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We don't have a local news station, but we have a newspaper. It's mostly community events, school sports, and junkie busts.

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