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It's easy to count hours. It's much harder (and more subjective) to count work done.

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Depends on what you're doing, really.

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Every performance recording system has their flaws. Very easy to tell if someone clocked in or not but very difficult to measure the quality of their work or it's financial impact.

In my experience with warehouse, should be easy to keep track of performance when everything is digitally recorded. But not all work is equal. Laziest workers usually had the best numbers because they had the easy numbers work. The best workers were but on the more difficult work because they were actually trusted not to fuck it all up.

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Federal laws require minimum hourly wages, so that part is sort of in stone through legal issues. However, you can get piecemeal pay programs approved by state labor departments provided that a base pay is always covered, even if no product was complete. For example - a power outage, or lack of materials or broken machine causes output to be negligible, the worker still gets paid for showing up to do the job.

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There are jobs where you get paid for the work you do. Like being a contractor. The system you think is backwards allows for job stability. On the one hand the company can profit off you for way more than they pay you. On the other hand even if they don't, they have to pay you. Most people prefer stability over making lots of money.

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Youre now discovering the difference between work thats salary vs hourly.

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Its always been like this....you get paid for your time, not work output.

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I am a plumber, concentrating in mostly new contruction and remodels. I get paid for the work i DO. Sitting at a desk watching my life drip away sounds like hell.
If you are feeling empty and wasted in your desk job, you may want to look at changing scenes.

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Focusing too much on results might highlight the worthlessness of a lot of modern work.

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There should be no minimum or hourly wage, it should all be peice rate and commission.