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I was a typical youngster who believed in "fairness" etc. and all the "let's all be happy!" bullshit.

I was about 26, just starting career, got my first BIG promotion at a family owned business. Old man owner stroked and died, and estate plan was shitty and unacceptable. IRS came in, forced family to pay 55% of the company in estate taxes, and 675 people making under $40k annually lost their jobs, and a nice local grocery chain disappeared, to be replaced with a faceless corporation.

At the time, I was all for "yeah, sock it to the RICH GUY! YEEHAW!" And then reality hit. Wait, we are all losing our jobs and this business is closing so that the US government can get $4 million in taxes? You kidding me? How is this "sticking it to THE MAN"? This sucks!

And on that day, all the leftist bullshit disappeared from my eye, and I saw clearly that politicians don't give a shit about people, they give a shit about power and money - nothing else.

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You graduated the school of hard knocks. You can now walk the talk with earned wisdom. Hat tip.

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It's the best kind of wisdom, because nothing anyone says can change it, because you now know better by living it, not from theory.

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I have always been against the party that restrict what I can say, what I can listen to, what I can watch, what I can play, etc.

When I was a kid, it was the Republicans, now it's the Democrats.

So, I realized all parties are fucking stupid when their stances can change on a whim so long as it means more votes and money.

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Politicized comedy is a psychological weapon. It is not only effective, but cheap to implement on Social Media or mainstream media. Like on this site with controlled "front" page manipulation.

Yet regulating censorship it is as easy as making rules that retard opinions and ideas under the guise of proof. As if proving personal experience or even spelling can remove a Pizzagate posting. This worked here very well, truth be told.

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Experiencing more and more of the real world made me way less liberal

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I had lots of left-wing socialist ideals in college. Then I lived in a co-op housing situation with about 25 residents committed to co-op living. Soon realized that about 20% of people do most of the work, 50% do the minimum needed to get by and 30% do nothing or are just chronic fuck-ups. Later life has shown that to be true in most jobs or other situations. Now believe that the 20% deserve more and the 30% deserve a kick in the ass.

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Pattern recognition, the proof is in the pudding, and erring on the side of freedom. Oh and fuck the violent. My views change accordingly in their own.

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Modern politics constitutes a form of folk theater, wherein the masses can cheer and boo, while the hidden venue owners control the script, the actors, ticket sales, and rules of participation - namely, the audience will remain passive while led to believe they are somehow active participants. Varying too far from the rules laid down by the venue owners can result in armed guards bearing down on aberrant members of the audience who don't go along with the charade.

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This is only true if you have a mob mentality. I have studied Common Core agenda, which is based on mob mentality and emotional problem solving. This is cultural suicide on a grand scale.

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You've studied Common Core? Wow, impressive... I appreciate your singular association of my words with your own study, and ask that you please get back to me when you've also given a cursory glance at epistemology, behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism, and perhaps explored some of Epictetus' ideas

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Hardship makes people change their views. As long as it is only ideas anything seems possible.

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apparently raw chemistry/physics. but i dunno how true that actually is.

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