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Modders must make REVERSE WOLFENSTEIN! We play as Nazi's trying to save the world from jewish cancer.

Ethnic Cleansing

Border Patrol

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Carmageddon: Antifa Edition.

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My eyes are getting teary just thinking of it. I would be sooo happy...

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GTA comes to mind.

There used to be a game called Postal where you would do mass shootings.

Once you escape your house by murdering the SWAT cops, you run straight into a parade, where you get to mow down the marching band. Pretty sure I have it somewhere, but it was a mid-90s game, don't think it would run on any machine I could get up and running.

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In postal you can set them on fire and then pee on them to put it out if I remember correctly. I redid that marching band scene one too many times.

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HA! I don't remember that.

I do remember my wife playing Sims all the time, so, just to see what would happen, I held a house party with all my wife's Sims, removed the doors, and lighting off fireworks in the house. to watch them all run around in panic, but no doors to get out.

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Skyrim's got the whole civil war where you can choose to side with the ethno-nationalists if you want, you've probably already played that though.

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I always like Duke Nuke'm. There's an "adult" mod. Redneck Rampage, honorable mention.

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Postal and Postal 2.

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Resident Evil, because SJWs claimed that Zombies are racist

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Check out Ethnic Cleansing. William Luther Pierce is behind it, and while the gameplay kind of sucks, the game itself is highly entertaining.