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I don't think my uncle got quite so much; max buyback is 10000 But In the beginning people were removing bumpers, all electronics and still getting everything back. You don't have to cry or complain like dude above says because they uh already got fined for breaking European and us law

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Put your ex-wife into a seal and glue the seat belts.

Tell them that they have to take her too...part of the car now.

And demand an immediate crushing of the car.

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Tangentially related I guess, but I was gonna do that same shit with the "cash for clunkers" thing obammie did.

However, they stipulated that the vehicle must have been in your name for like 6 months in order to cash in. So long as theres nothing like that, you could buy one, get the title in your name (which usually takes a bit to come in the mail for me) amd then cash in the VW.

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I thought this opportunity has already passed.

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My friend did it today

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Then go a similar car (Craigslist is great because you can get a piece of shotbthat barely runs) and cash in. Hell, if you have no cash ask your buddy to help you out and go 50-50 on the profit.

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Keep your dirty burning VW! They have better horsepower than the newer models.

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I'd take 15k and find another car with better hp

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All you need to do is take your VW to your nearest dealer. Bring your car and car title with you. You can print out a random web page related to the VW emissions issue if you like.

Then cry a lot, mentioning the Earth and whatnot during your tear shitfest.

They'll give you the latest model Hennessey Venom GT. Brand new of course. Free of course.

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I don't give a shit about the emissions I just want to take as much money as possible from stupid volkswagon

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No one does....at least for us Goats....

How's your new Venom GT ?