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Not sure how many 'detailed' answers you thought you were going to get with this one but basically, yes, we can.

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How? What feels different between the two?

More than once in my life I've had sex with a lady who forgot her period was about to start.

First time it happened, the lights were out, so I climbed out of bed, scrambled along the wall looking for a light switch, and then made it to the bathroom entryway to see myself in the mirror covered in blood. I looked back in the bedroom, and there's bloody handprints all along the wall leading to the light switch. I look at my hands and it looked like I just slit someone's throat. The girl was on the bed crying saying that she was so sorry because she forgot. My bedsheets were ruined. It just looked like a God damn crime scene.

The second time I was with a long term girlfriend. We had just finished, and she was on top. As soon as she raised herself up, and I fell out, blood just came pouring out of her.

So is it one of those things like some girls can tell, other girls can't? I'm just not understanding.

Ok, so girl from second story. We recently got back together after many years. We parked the car somewhere, and started getting hot and heavy, but weren't having sex yet because we'd just started seeing each other. She says that she has to go to the bathroom because she thinks her period started early. She comes back, and I'm like, so did your period start? No. What was it? Nothing. Hold on... we were just making out, and you thought your period started, but it didn't... are you saying that you can't tell the difference between getting wet and your period starting?
She refused to answer the question, so I'm just assuming that's what it was.

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Ok this puts a lot more context into your question. I can only answer for myself I suppose... and my answer is yes, I can tell, and I kinda assumed most women were like that (like... periods hurt... it's pretty obvious, but I guess some people don't have that?). You'd think any woman would know this after a few years but meh, I guess there's some who dont.

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I've been with ladies who's period could be started early by sexual activity. My ex's period could fluctuate by three or four days both directions so it could be at anytime during a week and some change time period.

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Women vary considerably when it comes to bodily awareness, yet someone will invariably decide to answer for everyone.

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Pshhht... women vary considerably when it comes to any awareness. Ever see a soccer mom try to navigate her minivan? She thinks she's piloting the goddam Space Shuttle with the speeds she achieves, but the situational awareness of what's going on around her while she chats on her phone and drinks her Starbucks... zero. Let's not even talk about her handling that thing in a parkkng lot.

Based on that I wouldn't be surprised if some women couldn't tell the difference between taking a dump and giving birth... especially if we're going to add niggers to the formula.

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Based on that I wouldn't be surprised if some women couldn't tell the difference between taking a dump and giving birth ...

Based on the number of accounts I have read of babies born into toilets, this is a real possibility.

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The hell sort of sex machine are you?!

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A 13 year old boy... sounds like something I would’ve asked at that age.

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Well then you must know the answer then, huh? Enlighten me and the other 13 year old boys who don't know the answer.

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Sometimes it's a bloody job, and I want answers as to why do much blood was shed. Was it all worth it?

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PMS is real, if it's someone you're familiar with as a sexual partner then try to beware of the symptoms.

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There is one?

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I'm not telling you.