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He's not your friend anymore. Its a thing that looks like your friend.

Abandon it. Forget about it.

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I don’t like giving up on people without trying

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well then tell them you think they have a mental disorder and that they need help. and they will kick you out of their life and you will be able to say you tried.

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You won't get many chances so if you're going to do something, it had better be the best you've got.

Some ideas:

  • Don't debate whether he is mentally ill. That's invariably a losing battle. These people are completely self-absorbed and incapable of conceding anything. They are completely taken and enthralled by the mysticism of gender theory. It's like an earworm; it is fully imprinted at this point. The idea of it being mental illness has been destroyed to the point that the people having these thoughts are not even allowed to seek treatment; even trying to develop a treatment is illegal now.

  • Consider playing the "it goes without saying" card about him being mentally ill as your starting point. Make it clear that his being mentally ill is a fact upon which you base everything that you're saying. It's a core assumption, not a negotiable part of the debate and not in question.

  • Hammer on his insecurities. Tell him you thought he was better than to believe in bullshit like gender theory, or to follow trends. If he denies it, say: "it's clear like you don't even realize you're doing it." Use an "appeal to shame" i.e. shake your head, say "dude... ugh, forget it;" this is obnoxious but it works well on leftists, because they are obnoxious.

  • Many of these people think recreating their identity will allow them to have a fresh start. Call him out on this: "what did you do that's so bad that you need to start over as a new persona?" Many of these people are riddled with guilt and their so-called "transition" lets them kill off the persona that they feel carries insurmountable guilt. Hammer on this point and you may be surprised at what you find out. This may be an avenue for further discussion. It is no coincidence that so many vocal leftists turn out to be sex offenders. It is no coincidence that Bruce Jenner killed someone before pretending to be a woman. If you can confirm that it's driven by guilt, let him know that redemption is hard but possible, while escaping is comparatively shameful.

  • If guilt isn't the problem, then it's insecurity over being a failure. Pretending to be a different person lets them kill off the failure "cleanly" (or so they think) and also serve as an excuse as to why they suck, e.g. "I always knew I was different but couldn't quite figure it out... This must be the answer!" Make it apparent how stupid his reasoning is. Everyone feels "different" because everyone is different; ask if he really believes that he is so unique for such a cliche, cringey thought; roll your eyes at this in that obnoxious way that leftists take to heart. Use the word cringey to describe his reasoning. Posit that maybe he sucks and it's not because he has supposedly always been woman; insecure people are often receptive to negative points about their character (because they hate themselves), which can give you a good opening.

It is no coincidence that they call it "deadnaming" if you use their real name. They really want to kill off their own character and start as a new one. You need to find out why they want to kill that person off so badly, why the sound of their own name has come to alienate them so much.

Limit how hard you strike because guilty or crazy people seeking an escape are prone to suicide, and you don't want that outcome, nor do you deserve the guilt. Know the limit of what is achievable and pick your battles carefully.

I don’t like giving up on people without trying

Good, we need more people like you.

edit: Another idea: describe to him in gory detail how the operation works. These people are convinced it's some magical, clean process. It's not. It's gory. Make him understand what it consists of and how disgustingly gory that is.

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Then you need to be ready to go into a heavy conflict with your friend.

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Thats very unfortunate for you

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Best answer^

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And soon won't look like him.

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Going full tranny INCREASES the suicide rate, by a LOT.

Friend obviously has issues. Supporting those issues and encouraging them by giving positive attention is just going to push them closer.

I went through this with a younger family member. Explained that "No liking pink or not having long hair" doesn't mean you are actually a boy, it means that you don't follow SOCIETY'S gender stereotypes. So what? They are stereotypes - they point towards a COMMON attribute, not a universal attribute. Not being common is a good thing, in my book, so why strive so hard to go full tranny on your gender just to appease a bunch of fuckign strangers who say "girls like pin and have long hair" so they will "accept" you.

Fuck that. Not liking what "like, totally, literally EVERYONE ELSE" likes is fine and good. However, so many people have such low self-esteem (and internet / social media validation is making this more rampant, imho) that they think they NEED 'acceptance', whatever that means - so if they like playing baseball, they are really BOYS, or if they like to cook they must be GIRLS is a false argument. The logic bhind this is a farce.

How I handled it - (after, like you, I just took it as, "O, whatever makes you happy makes me happy" bullshit) - I told them, straight out, that I like them as they are, not as what they think they should be. That all of us like/love YOU and njoy being with you, even if you don't think you deserve it or think you are enjoyable to be around.

The problem is, they don't like themselves (what adolescent does?) and are trying to get positive attention by being the other. A girl who thinks she is ugly, goes guy, and becomes that cute, baby-faced guy. A guy, skinny and nonathletic, goes super flamboyant chick, and gets attention by being outrageously dressed or acting.

Just let thme know that they liked hangig out with the person as they were, but would not want to hang out with something they are changing into. You liked them, you don't want them to change. The only way to stop this, in my opinion, which isn't worth a cup of warm piss, is to positively promote/reinforce/condition the person that the attention they crave comes from being them, and that the tranny thing will bring negative/ignoring attention. I even made it about me - "Well, I'm selfish. I like you as you. I don't want to be around a different you. I don't want a change, I like things they way they are."

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Not liking what "like, totally, literally EVERYONE ELSE" likes is fine and good.

Faggots getting rights because of this shitty argument. This kind of mentality is why we're in this libtard mess in the first place. No, society should force everyone to follow tradition, and bully everyone who differs.

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I can see the validity of that, but I think that would have to be a matter of degree, would it not?

For example, saying "Girls should play girls sports, not try to play boys sports" is a differing degree than "Girls are not allowed to play sports because running and fitness and getting dirty and sweaty are boys things" is a differing degree than "If you play sports, you ARE a boy." I am saying that the first phrasing above, I would concur with your statement. The other two, I would disagree with you.

That being said, I would also like to differ with you on "bully everyone who differs." Strongly, even. Men, and therefore boys, must be outside, run, play, fight traditionally. Get dirty, cause ruckus, challenge for mastery, etc. But some boys prefer, at time, sedentary activities - reading, cooking, science - and this "differs" form the traditional of physical over mental. It also leads to ostracizing the very intelligent for using their minds outside of the traditional of being the alpha Chad.

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I second what @Spaceballs-1 said.

Trannies in the modern sense of the word are simply individuals who are confused. They believe that constructs of the mind such as mannerisms or feelings or behaviors or thoughts define a persons sexuality. There have always been men who had femanine attributes and women who have been tomboyish or behaved like "men" would be expected to behave. This doesn't change what is going on between their legs and this grand "change" of theirs is nothing but a paper mâché mask attempt at coming to terms with their crippling self doubt.

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I live in a small town, growing up we had a tomboy that was hardcore as fuck in my class, she was awesome, she wasn't a tranny, she played hockey, she'd throw fists with the boys and not cry about it, she liked to fish and hunt and get bher hands dirty, she grew up to be a happily married woman with like 5 kids, because she found balance in her life, shes just a woman who likes sports and isn't afraid of the world and embraces it instead. But shes still a woman and shes happy and proud of it(not vocally but you can see it in her eyes and smile when you see her) We're 35 now, shes a conservative/libertarian too.

I feel the worst for the kids and teens and even people on heir 20's(they are like kids these days) who think and act irrationally and get convinced by society that because they have certain traits they are transexual or some type of LGBT, it's scary, most of these people without all the (((influence))) would be normal happy members of society who may just have hobbies or interests outside of the (((collective))) mindset.

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Which is likely due to autism, actually. Autism, especially when undiagnosed (which, let's be honest, has historically been a huge percentage of the population, the "scare" recently is happening simply because now we have words and definitions around these things), has the largest amount of "side-effects" on a personality; for example, many years ago I had a shroom trip and almost understood myself, but not quite; I thought I was gay (I thought my dad was gay too, which is even weirder). It's actually not that, though I was absolutely on to something back then, I just didn't know what it was.

Now, ten years, no girlfriend, and my own life completely constructed for myself later, I know the reality; autism runs on my dad's side of the family. Before I got into this and really understood it, for a while I even watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (go ahead, make fun of me, I fucking dare you, it will fit neatly in my "ignore for the rest of my life" bin with all the others that can't look past their own stupid dick). I've since learned there is a literal reason a ton of aspergers/autism disorder individuals find this show fascinating (and subsequently get teased by all of you for it) - the show features a reality that we lack. We cannot construct a trusting group of friends like normal humans can, because we cannot emotionally "read" a situation as well as most humans can. As a result, the show is a fascination because sadly, our lives are literally nothing like that and can never be even if we wanted it to be. So yeah, when Rainbow Dash, the neurodiverse pony(?) goes and saves all her friends, I cried. I cried for days. Because I couldn't even save my life at the time. I became aware that I had even less control over reality than most humans (at least at that time), which is little.

But meanwhile, on the other end of this highly imaginative daydream, we have men turning themselves into women because they have powerful, uncontrollable feelings and society has said "feelings are for women". Everything is so totally fucked. This is backwards as fuck, and as a result of men shoving these feelings into the "woman" box, well, here you have it. Men are becoming women because they can't make sense of their own sensitivities and it's strange to other males. They get made fun of.

Break the fucking cycle or it will get worse.

Help your friend by showing support, but not necessarily directly for this decision (which is wrong, but if you fight bad decisions, you lose your friend), but for whatever happens in life, and try to understand them. This will eventually be likely understood to be a mistake by them, but we all have shitty times in our lives where things fall apart and nothing makes sense.

Either way, if the deep end gets to be too much for you, there's nothing wrong with breaking off a friendship simply because you are in over your head. These things involve powerful emotions, permanent changes, and often damage social circles.

Best of luck...to both of you. He/she is going to need it. Such a confusing world for many of us, I'm glad I learned the truth before it was too late and I woke up a woman because of a massive lifelong internal misunderstanding. hahaha. Maybe I should write a book.

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You essentially just corroborated my point. These people are confused and suffer from self doubt and as such they are looking for a way to reconcile the difference between their inner selves and that which they believe society deems appropriate for them. If they did not doubt themselves society wouldn't matter.

The person I know was a valedictorian. Intelligent guy. His sister seemed to attract more attention from his father and mother however. She was also intelligent. His father would try to get him to do "manly" things and he was just more of an effimate male type. In order to reconcile this seeming failure of his character he found it more logical that he was really a girl all along, despite what his genetics say.

He was never suicidal as far as I knew. He didn't seem autistic either, and I have experience in recognizing autism.

So instead of remaining a man he decided to play make believe. He had friends and still has friends. He actually grew more distant after his transformation. I attempted to reach out and hang out but he insisted his mother be present. It only complicated things for him.

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A bit of a piggy back because I do agree, for the most part, that many people transition for the wrong reasons at the wrong time. There are some authentic transitions taking place. Assuming worse case scenario and the transition isn’t totally warranted, I’d recommend treating it as any other disagreement you have with a loved one, with tolerance. Tolerance is not acceptance. Tolerance is deciding that on the whole you will learn to live with a disagreeable aspect of reality. You’ll find your boundaries with what you are and aren’t comfortable with with this person and how to support them as a friend where you can, when you can, and you may not always be able to. Do take the time to express your concerns though, not doing so would damage your relationship with this person more than you’d imagine.

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There are some authentic transitions taking place.

This is superstitious and purely ideological.

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The people you hang out with have a huge influence on your life. ("You become like your 5 best friends") Tolerating a tranny in your life is a huge mistake.

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One of my friends went to Germany as a Bill and came back as a Caitlyn. I have learned through experience that the best thing to do is write them off. Bill still hasn't suicided as far as I know.

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Trannies in the modern sense of the word are simply individuals who are confused.

Confused? More like concentration camp materials. Their purpose is to be lynched in public for the mob to cheer on.

Stop thinking like a progressive libtard and their muh feelz.

[–] Caesarkid1 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

They've been misled and taken down a false path of self understanding. Then when they reach their "conclusion" they are given positive reinforcement. It's plain as day.

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Take him hiking up on a rock cliff then tell him how bad his life is.

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They would have to first say that their life sucks you can just tell them.

Then you could offer to help improve their diet or get them into fitness. Bonus points for tips on avoiding xenoestrogens and getting them to eat cruciferous vegetables

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You think they're worth saving. I don't.

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Your "friend" is mentally ill, unfortunately, we live in a society were mental illness is supported and encouraged.

If you "friend" is not helped, he's doomed.

Walk away.

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Outside of giving up on him and/or gassing him, you could always suggest you go exercise. Pretend you don't care, but say you want a gym buddy. I've heard that the proper gender hormone (aka testosterone for men) can actually alleviate those thoughts, if he isn't just bandwagoning of course. So go running, lift weights, chop wood, and other manly activities. Tranny thoughts and desires should go to the wayside and when they do, start calling it dumb again, he should be in a better mindset.

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I've heard this story half a dozen times from betas baited into that trap shit. A process from "Oh hey, maybe I can get attention on the internet if I pretend to be a girl and send people pictures of my legs" to, "Well I have to get fit first, so I'll start eating better and work out" to, "whoa holy shit being a man is great what was I thinking"

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Most trannys are just soy boys who have too much estrogen. Actual gender disphoria is extremely rare, and could also be alleviated by just having more testosterone. At this point in not even sure it's real, "female to male" trannys are basically just women, they don't even try to act like men.

It's just a problem with jewed society. Guys sit around all day, eating fatty foods drinking sodas and beer, most of which either have estrogen or decrease testosterone through inaction. Then you also have our female worshipping society. When you got nothing going for you, and you want to be loved, it's not hard to become envious of women who get attention and love for free. It can all be cured with male activities and bonding. Hell, even soy boy video game get togethers can increase testosterone just by having a group of dudes together shooting the shit. That's why (((they)) want there to be no place for men to just be men. Every place has to be "inclusive".

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So go running, lift weights, chop wood, and other manly activities.

Dude, no!

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Took me a second to get that one. I got it, by God, but am ashamed to admit it wasn't instantaneous...

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Extremely good advice. Men have lower T-levels than ever in the USA now though, and it appears to be due to environmental contamination, among other scary and impossible-to-avoid factors. I am not sure what the largest cause is, but even elevating T-levels out of habit may eventually fail and men may eventually just feel fucked up all the time in the future. We will see. I'm late for a run. =)

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This or just fill his shower gel flask with testogel

[–] Homelessfuck 1 points 11 points (+12|-1) ago 

You could show him the statistics about how often they regret it and/or kill them selves after. And/or you could find a new friend.

[–] FortniteBlitzkrieg 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago 

show him that redditor who described in detail about how awful his life was afterwards. He had a frankenstein vagina and every time he urinated it would run down his leg instead of shooting out.

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This. I absolutely tried this with my friends. I don't want anyone to think that cutting off a part of their body is going to magically make them fell better. That alone is lunacy and if it was any other body part than sex organs people would not think twice about calling it such.

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A large percentage of autistic adults are just now hitting the age where it will become terribly obvious to all around them (around 30), as they do very strange things and their peers continue to grow normally (it has to do with the lack of a full "pruning" process of memories in the brain - many of these men are, for example, still boyishly emotional, and there is no getting past it, even for a lifetime, and men everywhere are ashamed of this simply because of the response it evokes in women and the relationship between how much men value women over themselves).

As a result, many of these autistic adults (and even more sad in a study of human psychological abuse - children) are very confused and changing into women, thinking that it's better than being an autistic male. I can't say they're wrong because I made a different choice, but I don't believe they are addressing the source problem - yet. Eventually they may have to as they realize nothing else fits perfectly like a glove to explain their reality. This may only be in some cases, but many trans people I've met over the years have struck me (not, in my revisionist mind, of course) as more likely to be on the spectrum.

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Tell your friend to just be a faggot, if he gets the surgery, no one's gonna wanna fuck him.

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Or alternatively, Bang him in the brown and say " How bout dat !! ".

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Better yet, let him bang you in the brown and then tell him that if he has the surgery he won't be able to do that anymore.

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