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So you’re saying that folding your penis into an origami vagina doesn’t change your biology? /s

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The libtards are just trying to normalize their dysfunctional behavior to alleviate the shame they feel as a result of whoever touched them growing up. The solution isn't to hold society hostage to their gender studies bullshit. The real solution is to address the reason behind their dysfunctional behavior/perspective. Denial may save feelings and face but it doesn't do wonders for one's life in the long run.

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I disagree with you on most things but I agree with you 100% on this.

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Yup. Gotta learn the lesson before the memory will go away. This means confronting and being honest about what happened. You have memories for a reason.

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They don't feel shame because they were touched. They feel shame because they know they're horrible, Godless people on the inside. They have to rationalize these feelings of incompetence, degeneracy and guilt, and they exhibit an in-group preference when around others who tell them "it's just a lifestyle choice", "we were made this way", etc. You can't possibly believe that half the country (world) exhibits the leftist mind-virus because they were touched, do you? Not statistically probable.

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ROFLcopter. Origami, that was funny

[–] Dismal_Swamp 2 points 17 points (+19|-2) ago 

I think 90% of the planet suffers from some mental disorder. Logical people are a dying breed. The same people that will go out and buy a purebred dog will tell you that eugenics is wrong... lol

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If I fold my penis into a vagina would you fuck it? I'd fuck it! Hard! and it wouldn't be totally gay at all. Or would it? @Gabara

[–] gabara 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

We had a meeting. It was decided it's only gay when two guys kiss. Bumstuff is fine.

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it’s only gay if you like it.

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How absolutely dare you! These 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 are just examples of a healthy, tolerant and bigotry-free society!!

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Well, now. That might just do it for the Internet today.

Holy fuck do I love not living in places those creatures exist.

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I want so bad to introduce them fuckers to real fear--fear and a chainsaw.

And I wouldn't lose a wink of sleep.

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That last one...what the actual fuck...

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Lord save us from this evil. We just wanted to be happy and not involve ourselves in the affairs of others.

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And cuckservative be like "muh human rights, muh individual freedom."

Fucking losers. Gotta start waking up to the fact that some "human" should be treated worse than cockcroaches for the sake of humanity's future.

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That has to be a joke thread. If not I think we need to get some military grade flamethrowers going

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There might not be enough ovens....

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That's way too slow!

[–] SeriousSarcasm 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago  (edited ago)

It's the new carnival. Fucking freaks, if you wanna be the opposite gender keep it to yourself, but they shove it down kids throats and dress up like fucking birds.

[–] GassyMcGasface 2 points 16 points (+18|-2) ago  (edited ago)

Jews. Its always the Jews.

[–] no-hurry-no-pause 3 points 12 points (+15|-3) ago  (edited ago)

Jews are just a subset of leftists.

By focusing exclusively on Jews, you're deflecting attention from leftist saboteurs within your own ranks, and thus protecting them from scrutiny.

[–] Boyakasha 2 points 7 points (+9|-2) ago 

The Jews invented leftism. Not the other way around.

[–] Leg0z 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

But who do you think is giving those leftist saboteurs their marching orders? No, they are more than a subset, they are the cancer at the center of the diseased body. Answer the jq and society will begin to heal itself. Remove the tranny and the jewish cancer will just manifest itself in another way.

[–] watts2db 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

the leftist saboteurs you mention are the leftist jews useful idiots they use to do their risky dirty work

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(((Cultural Marxism)))

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mental patients escaped and now run the governments

[–] ninjajunkie 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

Because the proven-false theory of the Jew doctor John Money provides validation for their idea "feels over reals". Much like most Jew meddling, it gives failures an excuse to blame others rather than take responsibility for their decisions/actions.

Warning: link is to Wikipedia

[–] uvulectomy 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

And let's not forget that Money was a degenerate, predatory pedophile...

"In 1966, a botched circumcision left eight-month-old David Reimer without a penis. Money persuaded the baby's parents that sex reassignment surgery would be in Reimer's best interest. At the age of 22 months, Bruce underwent an orchidectomy, in which his testicles were surgically removed. He was reassigned to be raised as female and given the name Brenda. Money further recommended hormone treatment to which the parents agreed. Money then recommended a surgical procedure to create an artificial vagina, which the parents refused. Money published a number of papers reporting the reassignment as successful...

...In 2000, David and his twin brother (Brian) alleged that Money forced the twins to rehearse sexual acts involving "thrusting movements" with David playing the bottom role. He said as a child, Money forced him go "down on all fours" with his brother, Brian Reimer, "up behind his butt" with "his crotch against" his "buttocks", and that Money forced David to have his "legs spread" with Brian on top. Money also forced the children to take their "clothes off" and engage in "genital inspections." On at "least one occasion" Money reportedly took photographs of the two children doing these activities. Money's rationale for these various treatments was his belief that "childhood 'sexual rehearsal play'" was important for a "healthy adult gender identity."

Reimer had experienced the visits to Baltimore as traumatic, and when Money started pressuring the family to bring him in for surgery during which a vagina would be constructed, the family discontinued the follow-up visits. From 22 months into his teenaged years, Reimer urinated through a hole that surgeons had placed in the abdomen. Estrogen was given during adolescence to induce breast development. Having no contact with the family once the visits were discontinued, John Money published nothing further about the case."

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IIRC, he refused to accept his idea had failed, even when Brenda/David said it was wrong. All that mattered to that "doctor" being right, regardless of facts or impact on his victims.

Why are they so obsessed with the sexuality of children? And they only accept answers that lead to pedophilia. Any other answer is dismissed immediately like they already have their conclusion and are only seeking a way to justify it. These monsters really are fucking sadistic, anything less than a short-drop hanging would be a mercy.

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gender is a made up term. There is only sex.

[–] Crawdaddy 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

Agreed. I work at a college. All you hear and read is gender when they mean sex. By calling it gender they think it becomes a state of mind.

[–] Ban_Circumcision 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Just tell them to look up Dr Money, who invented the term, a real sick fuck

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I recently watched a documentary explaining how in the 70's a group of gays organized and then stormed and disrupted an American Psychological Association conference that was in session where they harassed all the doctors and board members until they agreed to their demands. The main demand being that they remove homosexuality from the list of mental disorders. Before that change homosexuals were legitimately considered retarded. Some of them eventually got on the board of the APA themselves so its no surprise that gender dysphoria isnt considered a mental disorder anymore either.

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Sounds crazy yet very believable

[–] captainstrange 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

here they harassed all the doctors and board members until they agreed to their demands.

this appears to be just the pretext for a decision that was made beforehand.

[–] mattsixteen24 2 points 4 points (+6|-2) ago 

Here's a brief history on how this all became normalized: http://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen/08a/born_gay_hoax/TheBornGayHoax.pdf

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Look at all those juden downvotes.

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Homos rioted during an American Psychiatric Association junket/conference in San Francisco.

Psychiatrists trapped with their families and not supported by police, conceded to terrorists' demands, and de-listed "homosexuality" from the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of mental disorders.

Without a DSM code, some insurance companies don't pay for treatment, and therapies correcting sexual confusion fall into disuse.

Time passes; buggery becomes normal.

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