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Please start learning a skill so you don't have to be one of those old white people doing roofing in Texas summers.


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I'm in industrial/commercial HVAC. A lot of my time is spent in indoor mechanical rooms servicing chillers/air handlers but I also service rooftops a lot. I am responsible for 12 department stores in my south Texas region, and Houston when they get overloaded, I have 6 maintenance guys as helpers. It's good, I'm usually off weekends and as long as my work gets done nd my stores stay cool I can pretty much do whatever the fuck I want, but goddamn summer can be brutal. Pays good too, could be better with a service company but I don't have boss breathing down my neck and I set my own deadlines unless corporate gets involved, even then, I can usually tell them to fuck off and let me work.


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that's a hot fuckin job I did it for a while in NC