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When I had my eye made, the ocularist said that the iris consists of layers of silver and gold streaks, emanating from the pupil out in a 'starburst' pattern. Brown eyes have more layers of gold than silver, blue eyes have more silver than gold, and green eyes are roughly even.

I have ZERO idea if this is true or not, but as I watched him make the prosthesis, that was how he painted it. Not sure why he would make up that story and then tell us that.

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I'm not exactly sure, as I'm no expert. But I think your doctor was maybe explaining how he would mimic the coloration?

Here's a decent article on wikipedia (they can still okay for non-political subjects...) that actually disproves some of what I said earlier. But it does agree with (most) of what I said about blue eyes, in that it's structural, not pigmentation. The only pigment human eyes use is melanin, which ranges in color from brown to black depending on some other factors.

The appearance of blue and green, as well as hazel eyes, results from the Tyndall scattering of light in the stroma, a phenomenon similar to that which accounts for the blueness of the sky called Rayleigh scattering.[5] Neither blue nor green pigments are ever present in the human iris or ocular fluid.[3][6] Eye color is thus an instance of structural color and varies depending on the lighting conditions, especially for lighter-colored eyes.

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I found this, too:

In a brown eye, a thin layer of brown pigment covers the anterior iris, preventing light creating an opaque brown iris; in a blue eye, the Strōma fibers of the iris scatter incoming white light, creating a translucent, blue-gray appearance.

He must have been referring to the artist process.

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TIL why your name is Cyclops. One-eyed prick haha ;)

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You got it! You didn't HAVE to use "prick" you know! haha. You could have said, "one-eyed genius" or "one-eyed hero" or something!

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Pretty sure 'Clops mentioned it before....amiright?

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Had my eye made

I'll bite. Why did you have to get an eye made?

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The left eye never really formed right - had myelineation of the optic nerve fibers, and had cataract surgery, removing the lens when I was 7-8 months old. At about 35, I started getting daily headaches. Swallowed a couple excedrin, good to go, or cranked down a few beers. By the time I was 40, it was worse and worse. By 42, it was starting to get debilitating. Finally, was so bad, that I went to bed Friday at 9AM, and stayed there until Sunday at 4PM, had wife take me to Emergency room.

Went there, told them worst headache, etc. - seemed focused around my left eye. Ran some tests, tried taking pressure of that one, machine kept erroring. Called in specialist. He said, yeah, those machines only test to 60 mm/Hg. Mine tested over 95. Doctor drained it with a syringe, felt pretty good. Had it drained again 1 week later - I had acute neovascular glaucoma - my eye for some reason was creating new blood vessel structures in the back of my retina, over and over again. Did some laser surgeries over course of the next year, took glaucoma pills that ruined my appetite, daily drops (13 different ones.) This was to keep the eye fluid from being made to keep down pressure, but the body was still creating new blood vessel structures, thereby constricting the space. It started to bleed form the pressure. More drops.

It became light sensitive to the point that I had to wear a baseball cap low over my eye at all times during the day. The headaches returned, with a vengeance. I couldn't eat or drink - everything came up immediately. No chance of sleeping. Doctor just kept prescribing ever more powerful narcotics. Eventually got an appointment with the surgeon - removal of the eye was the only option. 13 days - I ate about 4 Ritz crackers, and had a couple of Ginger Ales (Vernor's of course. That Canada Dry shit is nasty!) Laid in bed, head felt like it was being stabbed (imagine your worse hangover ever, multiply that by 10, and make it last 2 weeks straight.) Pain was so bad that there were some weakness moments where suicide was a viable option and was considered. I have never considered that before.

Went to see doctor, first appointment of the morning. Takes a quick look, says, "Can you make it another day?" I said, "I've made it 13, I can do 14." I wasn't very convincing. "When was the last time you ate?" I don't know, last Tuesday? Oh. He walked out, and I heard him tell his receptionist - cancel my appointments for the afternoon." Came back in, said, I got you set up for surgery at 1PM, you OK with that? Hells yes!

Had to do some prep stuff - everyone was super nice - Sorry, I know this is painful. Sorry, I know you've had enough. Doc must have told them I was in a bad way, either that or they are cool AF to everyone. (I think I'm pretty special, so I'll choose to believe the former!) . Wife went and picked up meds, eye patches, etc. things I would need after surgery. I laid in back seat of car. At one point, I nodded off for a second and a half (like when you are long haul driving, and are getting so tired, you sort of nod off for a second?) and man, did that feel amazing! That second and a half was refreshing!!

Anyways, woke up from surgery around 3:30PM, joked with nurses in recovery, spent the next 3-4 weeks sitting up to sleep so I would press down on the eye socket, and then after 2 months and swelling had gone down, got to the ocularist, who spent 3 days perfectly forming the prosthesis to fit my socket, and painting an exact match for my right. Pretty cool process to watch happen in front of you. Used wax to create the mold shape (in and out of socket - where is it loose, where is it tight, etc. That took about 1 day. Then, they had a little metal disk that they painted the colors in. That would then be encased in the mold. Also, they used simple red thread and an Exacto knife, which they would scrape along the thread to make it frayed, and used that to make the appearance of blood vessels. Crafty! Finally, put it all into the mold maker, and voila! 3 days and $7k later, I had two eyes again!