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They were/are hunted to extinction. There was a race of blond haired blue/green eyes that were hunted by one of the more xenophobic dynasties. han, I believe

There have been races documented in early British exploration of africa that were blue-gum blacks with blue/green eyes, again hunted to extinction by other tribes.

They use to exist... Sadly, not anymore.

On mobile, otherwise I'd cite sources


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There are accounts from European voyagers in the Pacific that recall finding many red heads among the people there. They also recount that these people were more vulnerable to European disease as compared to the dark haired population and their numbers steadily declined over the centuries until they mostly disappeared. New Zealand still has its indigenous red-haired population. Genetically they are descendents of an ancient migration of Caucasians and a more recent but still ancient migration of Taiwanese.


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Some were some weren't. Most of the aryan people bred themselves and their civilizations out of existence I.e. Egypt, Sumeria, Macedonia. Those with hardcore caste systems maintained their purity and thus civilization for the longest.


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That's why miscegenation is bad.

Aryan breeding with shitskins produce shitskins progeny.


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The rarest birds get attacked first.