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Because they are not the same species.

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If you're going to use science, use it correctly. They are a subspecies. The reason being is because they can have viable Offspring with other subspecies of the same species. Viable means it isn't sterile before you guys claim I'm Pro race mixing.

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dude Oklahoma fucked yall guys over on the medical marijuana

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The reason being is because they can have viable Offspring with other subspecies of the same species.

That's not the definition of species. For example, dogs and coyotes are interfertile but different species.

How species are defined is largely a matter of taste, politics, and historical accident.

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Among whites I hope?

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Im white asian, late 30's now I have no known health issues, but allergic to penicillin, stupid people and breathing fine crushed black pepper (idk I start sneezing uncontrollably).

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Better survival in cloudy N European conditions. Light colored eyes let in more light to see in darkness. Light skin and hair let more sunlight in for vitamin D production. Sunlight being more rare made these survival advantages.

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If the above is true, why didn't it affect Eskimos, Lapps and indigenous Siberian peoples the same way.

Light colored eyes let in more light to see in darkness

Pre-industrial darkness was the same all over.

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Because that's not how evolution works. Traits don't magically appear because they're logically advantageous.

Random mutations occur and it's up to chance whether they're useful or not. Most don't even make it out of the womb.

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The Canadian tribes have light skin compared to the US tribes. If the gene for light eyes and hair had manifest in the mongoloid people, it would've been an advantage.

Africa and the mediterranian had more sunlight near the equator.

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No it is not. It's dark for like 6 months out of the year when you go far enough north, I'm talking 24 hours a day

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Apparently they started off Asian, and are on the way to lightening. They have the same eyelid fold as the Asians.

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I'm pale skinned and green eyes. I work on rooftops in south Texas through the summer. I can handle it with sunscreen a hat and good sunglasses but then I watch these Mexicans come out on the roof and just bust ass in the heat and sun like it's nothing. Assholes, of course you never see old ones doing what I do, but you do see old white guys up here keeping up, not sure what to make of that.

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Please start learning a skill so you don't have to be one of those old white people doing roofing in Texas summers.

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Blue eyes aren't actually blue. They're just brown eye genes that don't work, so you just don't produce melanin in your eyes. They look blue for the same reason water and the sky look blue.

That's why it is "recessive". If you get a single working copy of the gene, your eyes wont be blue.

I'm not sure if hair is the same thing, but it's probably something similar. So the likeliest answer is that whatever advantage is gained from lack of melanin in your skin (probably vitamin D in northern extremes), also provides some advantage for your eyes (maybe snow blindness?).

The other possible answer is sexual selection.

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When I had my eye made, the ocularist said that the iris consists of layers of silver and gold streaks, emanating from the pupil out in a 'starburst' pattern. Brown eyes have more layers of gold than silver, blue eyes have more silver than gold, and green eyes are roughly even.

I have ZERO idea if this is true or not, but as I watched him make the prosthesis, that was how he painted it. Not sure why he would make up that story and then tell us that.

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I'm not exactly sure, as I'm no expert. But I think your doctor was maybe explaining how he would mimic the coloration?

Here's a decent article on wikipedia (they can still okay for non-political subjects...) that actually disproves some of what I said earlier. But it does agree with (most) of what I said about blue eyes, in that it's structural, not pigmentation. The only pigment human eyes use is melanin, which ranges in color from brown to black depending on some other factors.

The appearance of blue and green, as well as hazel eyes, results from the Tyndall scattering of light in the stroma, a phenomenon similar to that which accounts for the blueness of the sky called Rayleigh scattering.[5] Neither blue nor green pigments are ever present in the human iris or ocular fluid.[3][6] Eye color is thus an instance of structural color and varies depending on the lighting conditions, especially for lighter-colored eyes.


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TIL why your name is Cyclops. One-eyed prick haha ;)

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Had my eye made

I'll bite. Why did you have to get an eye made?

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I recall hearing that we all have blue eyes underneath and there is an operation available to remove the melanin and make them blue

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Based on something I just read, it seems like it should be possible. All the melanin is in one layer, at the very back of the iris. But it seems like a really bad idea to risk losing your eye-sight just to have prettier eyes.


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To be honest, I think that these lack of protein characteristics like blue eyes and blonde hair arose from more restrictive mating pools. I think that geographic isolation leads to an accumulation of recessive characteristics. A potential case in point being the Irish. Iceland has a population with many recessive characteristics also.

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Absolutely. I think it's probably a combination of all of the above, with some playing a larger role and some less-so. There's even a decent chance that literal eugenics played a role. Some older European cultures were well known for killing babies if they didn't meet very specific criteria (size, weight, proportionality, etc).

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What you are taking about is the founder effect, where a trait can become common if it occurs in a founder of a small population that later grows. An example of this is the increased frequency of Hirschsprung disease in the Old Order Mennonites.

This turns out to not usually be the case with human coloration. For example, there are six different common mutations that cause most red hair in Ireland, and a few less common ones. Most (all?) of them affect the type 1 melanocortin receptor, and the DNA have been sequenced. That implies a large population with a strong reproductive advantage for red hair and freckled pale skin.

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sexual selection isn't as dominant a factor, since blue eyes are recessive, you can't always predict which children will have blue eyes and which wont

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I completely agree that it isn't the dominant factor. It still might play some role in selection though. I like blue-eyed girls, and that will certainly increase my offspring's chance of having blue eyes (provided I also carry the gene, of course).

I was thinking more about hair color when I said that, though. And I really don't know what factors cause different hair colors, or what pigments are involved.

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Because we are special, milk drinker.

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Because we are special

Doesn't sound very scientific.

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How it sounds doesn't matter.

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Because to white people beautiful differences are exotic and sought after, so they breed. To everyone else, difference of any kind is Voodoo witchcraft, El Diablo, or social outcasts. So they don't live long.

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so they breed...

... themselves out of existence.

To everyone else, difference of any kind is ... El Diablo. So they don't live long.

Which is exactly what makes the race stronger and helps it survive in the long run. If you wanna be around in a thousand years, make Rassenschande a capital offense.

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The population of white people wouldve been fine if they didnt bring blacks to america or keep them here.

Replacement rates are not a problem unless you're a government that relies on taxing more and more people.

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Actually, there are a few isolated cases of the mutations developing elsewhere. For example, the people of Vanuatu are often blonde.

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There are evolutionary reasons behind why these traits developed. Light colored eyes allow for better vision in dim light. Light colored hair let's the sun in (but will turn brown with sun exposure). However, the interesting question is why did these traits disappear from most everywhere else in the world? Red and blond hair and green eyes have evolved multiple times and were found all over the world until a few thousand years ago.

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They were/are hunted to extinction. There was a race of blond haired blue/green eyes that were hunted by one of the more xenophobic dynasties. han, I believe

There have been races documented in early British exploration of africa that were blue-gum blacks with blue/green eyes, again hunted to extinction by other tribes.

They use to exist... Sadly, not anymore.

On mobile, otherwise I'd cite sources

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There are accounts from European voyagers in the Pacific that recall finding many red heads among the people there. They also recount that these people were more vulnerable to European disease as compared to the dark haired population and their numbers steadily declined over the centuries until they mostly disappeared. New Zealand still has its indigenous red-haired population. Genetically they are descendents of an ancient migration of Caucasians and a more recent but still ancient migration of Taiwanese.

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Some were some weren't. Most of the aryan people bred themselves and their civilizations out of existence I.e. Egypt, Sumeria, Macedonia. Those with hardcore caste systems maintained their purity and thus civilization for the longest.

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The rarest birds get attacked first.

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The two big thoeries are

Vitmin D absorption in sunnless cloudy ice age Europe


White people are attractive

The one i like is a change in hormones and the light skin and eyes are simply knock on effects.

There was a Russian experiment in which they bred foxes for their friendliness.

What happened was unexpected.

They got freindlyness but they also got light eyes and light colored fur.

The friendly hormone mix the Russians bred for also changed their coloring.


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