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I never intended to stop watching EVERYTHING, but it fucking happened. Modern media is goddamn insulting.

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Agreed 100%, it just always seems to be SJW propaganda.

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I find myself getting aggravated by the fakery and the luridity, the "subtle" attempts to educate me. It's not entertainment, there's nothing entertaining about it. I've been listening to old audiobooks and music in its place, and can truthfully say I haven't missed it. What has replaced the MSM for you?

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I'm incredibly easily triggered these days tbh. The moment they start virtue signalling I stop watching and delete the files.

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I know what you mean. I now basically only watch innocuous or niche YouTube channels. Like PewDiePie, NigaHiga, JennaMarbles, and Sreve1989.

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niche YouTube channels

like pewdiepie

Excuse me?

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There's a handful of shows I pirate, but they end up sitting on my hard drive for months most of the time.

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Piracy is a great time saver. If you pay for a ticket you are committed and have to sit through a bunch of commercials then a crap film. If you pay for cable or DVDs, the same thing, you feel you have to watch it.

With piracy, you simply download the cool shows your friends are watching. Then leave them on the hard drive forever, unwatched. Eventually you throw the hard drive out.

It's a fantastic time saver.

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The only movies I watch are v/movieswithgoats every Sunday at 6 pm EST.

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This is a cool idea. Subbing up for next Sunday.

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If you want a reminder, be sure to use the reminders thread.

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Good plug there man

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I've only made it to that once due to work. It's a cool idea, though.

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Yeah, I've only made about half of them. It works out pretty well. Hope you can make more of them.

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Just subbed, fun idea.

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I pretty much stick to Youtube videos myself. Yes, I know we hate youtube here... but there's still a lot of good videos for knowledge on what is going on this world that don't involve current year politics. Hooktube takes an annoying amount of time to load on my internet, but anytime I'm going to share a video, I make sure it gets the Hooktube hookup.

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Well said mate. Well said.

To make myself a bit better about using YouTube, I also find some alternative platforms that they use to host their content. For example, I haven't watched Stefan Molyneux's on youtube for about a year because I'd rather go and download podcasts from his website directly.

What I try to do is find people I like to watch, then find them on bitchute, watch bitchute first, and then go back to YouTube when I've exhausted bitchute's content.

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Same, I watch alot of youtubers who serve knowledge

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Love me some gun reviews man!

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Hickock45 & Iraq8888

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Right here. Zero TV. I didn't even know there were kids trapped in a cave until I saw it on voat.

However, I do watch the occasional kids' movie with my daughter. It's pretty hard to find any that don't try to promote faggotry or vibrant diversity, though.

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There's kids trapped in a cave?

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There are 12 Thai kids stuck 4 kilometers in a cave due to flooding. They went inside for some strange initiation ritual and the heavy rains trapped them.

(At first I thought the comment was about kids trapped in Plato's cave due to TV)

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LOL thers always kids trapped in a cave Im a gen xer that had both a mongoise and a redline the lived in Ohio river valley for a bit

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All the programming here is made by the same ppl, both for adults and children.

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I actually went to a movie theater recently for the first time since The Hobbit movies and saw The Incredibles 2 with my aunt and uncle and my 3 cousins. It was just a simple family-friendly movie that was actually pretty good. Your daughter might like it

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Stopped tv in 2004... old cds from thrift stores vintage ones black and white are favorites... I read books or study new craft techniques...my mother always said.. “ Only stupid people could possibly be bored in this magnificent world... so much to learn and do.” Being or saying you were bored in her presence was a cardinal sin! Funny thing is... I’m never bored! Thanks mom.... I miss you on this earth.

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Sniffle... thanks!!!

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Your mother sounds like a sensible woman; they are the best!

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John Wayne and Looney Tunes...the rest is give or take save for "Jaws" and "The Outlaw Josey Wales"...

Everything that's come out of Hollywood since 3-D Avatar in 2010 has been a complete A.I. military-industrial brain washing experiment the world STILL doesn't even realize they're involved in...dead serious...

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The amount we don't understand about how we think and how mediums such as television effect us is incredible. We just have no idea. It effects how we speak, what we think, and what we purchase. There are studies that show those who firmly believe they're not effected by these things are in fact effected to a larger degree. I've caught myself being manipulated that way on far too many occasions. People really don't want to consider that they might be susceptible to these things.

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you can "shift" realities using frequencies, optics and projections instantaneously....you wouldn't even know it occurred (while you watched a movie at the theater wearing "3-D" glasses...)

I'm of the opinion a significant amount of "people" in the media and the world in general are actually A.I. simulations/avatars being controlled and given objectives through a small collective of California Communists in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Silicon Forest and Seattle...the special effects/A.I. gurus particularly...James Cameron, Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Michael Eisner, David Lynch, Jeff Bezos and such...I swear to God...

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I haven't had a TV on in my house for years. I have gone out to a movie in about 4 years

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Television basically all tv shows are typically too agenda driven with propaganda, drugs, homosexuality, crime degeneracy etc I used to enjoy a lot of fantasy scifi tv but the agenda went everywhere. Battlestar islamica got crap, Sense8 any of the shit those matrix wackchowski? dudes touch...Penny Dreadful, Lost but was also generally bad tv by Jar Jar Abrams, Game of Thrones? any of those Doctor Hospital Drama Grey's Anatomy? all...jumped the shark, nuked the fridge? .... tv is no longer the old tv of the guys n girls who would read books and play video games and watch movies, it has been hijacked by certain producers basically propaganda mixed with fictional drama and entertainment then and bam! more filth and Propaganda! ....this agenda will also creep into the video game industry. All tv and hollyweird have people who push degeneracy, mutli cultural race mixing or Miscegenation, they love drug dealers, anti American propaganda, filth, homosexuality, many of the Weinstein-ish producers now exposed as rapists and child abusers....I am not for censorship but now there is clearly an agenda going on and I am against these weirdo perverted rapists some of which happen to be big global jew producers...conspiracy?.... and I am against criminality. ... and it seems a cartoon "Steven Universe" Is Reportedly the First Cartoon for Kids to Feature a Same-Sex Engagement... too much anti-American, anti-Western SJW propaganda.

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Movies and TV aren't too bad, just stick to the Hallmark channel (HallmarkNow is a good streaming source)

Agreed on going out to movies, tho. Tried it about ten years ago and was sadly disappointed.

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(((TV and movies)))

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No argument here

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