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Hippies became prominent in the 60's. Modern liberals venerate the hippies. Modern liberals produce lots of media. This leads to your impression about what those eras were like.

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Exactly. The hippies of the 1960s were the pendulum swing against the culture of the 1940s and 1950s.

Today the 1950s are beginning to be romanticized because it's becoming more obvious of the communist influence of the 1960s which has firmly become entrenched in modern society and especially politics. Accordingly, it's becoming more visible that the anchor against communism is the 1950's American Dream. Which also happens to be fairly white.

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That's the biggest issue, they view the dreams of the 50s as very white which to them is a bad thing. This is of course asinine, blacks in America had the same dream and same way of living until drugs and the welfare state destroyed their families.

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the hippies of the 1960s were the pendulum swing

Except that pressupposes the hippie (bowel) movement was inevitible--just to be clear, it wasn't. Valley drug culture was pushed on america as the 'new normal' by people connected to the alphabet agencies and the music industry.

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I would argue it wasn’t a pendulum swing, more like an assault.

It wasn’t until Marxist subversion was a thing that you’d have generations veering off on tangents.

The 50’s were a normal progression of the culture, the 60’s tried to kill it.

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Conservatives typically pick jobs that aren't artistic and that's were emotional liberals shine.

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Conservatives fail to see that both a "private" company or a governent are both private institutions. Same rules should apply to either.

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You are correct, sir. This is about perception.

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The 1950s was already "too late" for the west. The extended family was destroyed in favor of the nuclear family model. Move away and just get a mortgage goyim, yes we offer credit.... The propagandists had full control of the narrative already and nobody had called out how they were exclusive Jewish in tv and news. The sitcoms all said to have two children instead of 6. The housewives were encouraged to embrace materialism to give them ample free time to brude and sulk and realize they were unhappy with their cushy lives. The movies all had themes attacking arranged marriages which were still common in rural church communities...and instead presented in every single movie how young women should be free to "follow their heart" and pushed the love at first sight and "soul mates" meme, just make sure you don't let your father or church or community stop you. Watch some 50's movies and you'll see it everywhere. Materialism and Commercialism Greed and worldliness had its icy grip on the west. All it took was Birth Control and Divorce to ignite the fire.

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I love this picture. getting a print made of it for my livingroom. basement

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Great insight. I rarely see someone break down the kindling for the 60s was set up prior. It didn't come out of nowhere. And it always starts with the breakdown of family. In this case, the extended one.

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60s were just the next step after the aforementioned comment explains. Once kinship and extended fams were dissolved, then it was easier to promote the degeneracy of the 60s movements, free love, feminism, hard drugs etc.


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By the 1950s, the experiments in marketing forged by Edward Bernays and Freud were already well into practice. The sole idea being to create a consumer identity to get people to buy goods beyond their capacity to use them. No thought given for the long term effects or for the personal welfare of common people. Today we now have a hoarding epidemic and unsustainable consumption.

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1950's was basically American style communism, followed in the next decade by anarchism. Capitalism was something out of the gilded age. None of these things are traditional.

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America lost when the federal reserve formed in 1913

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I always make it a point to anyone I talk to politically, we need to ban usury and end the Fed!! We aren't free until we do! Everyone seems to agree!!!

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Yep. No foreign entity should be making America's money. Its fucking absurd. all those who allowed it to happen are the biggest traitors America has ever known

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And replace the fed with what? Bitcoin?

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The worst group of people that were ever born in all of human history; the leftist baby boomer.

No one in time or space had so much ease and luxury handed to them without any effort on their part. No one led safer lives ever or had as much freedom. They didn't just spit on it, they shit all over it and did everything they could to make sure the next generation wouldn't have anywhere near the opportunities they did. They're still garbage, and most of them raised their kids to be ungrateful, selfish swine as well. They have astronomical egos that would smother anything within a mile.

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Multikultural nursing home staff who hate them is what they will end up with.

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Well, one thing we know for sure is that none of the whitebread millenials will be working there. It's too haaard. And it's diiiirty. And I don't get to be vice president after a weeeeeeek.

That's another reason I'm bailing on this shithole in the making.

Give me the brown skinned sweet hearts in Central America or the yellow toned honeys in Thailand to take care of me in my old age.

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Boomer's were manipulated and brainwashed by the Jews and their allies though, its only their fault for not seeing through propaganda, although it was such great programming and most are lemmings/npcs....

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Shut it down!!

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The worst group of people that were ever born in all of human history; the leftist baby boomer.

And it isn't it a shame that many of these old coots would still be quite willing to knock the fuck out of your pussy ass - or put up a good fight trying. So unfair !!!

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Hahaha. Yeah right old man. Go tell us all how peace love and understanding means gimme gimme gimme or we'll have a public tantrum in the street.

Utter garbage.

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No one has to worry about your shitty generation anymore. You'll show yourselves out in the next few years to everyone's relief.

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I see that as backwards

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Yeah the 50’s were at least (looked like) ideal in terms of innocence and frugality as they opined for the older, simplet times.

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As do we.

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The US came out of WWII smelling like a rose. The economy was taking off like never before. The 50's was the beginning of the boom that went through the 60's. Blacks still lived on their side of town and didn't cause problems.

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Note that the economic boom wasn't due to war, which only destroys wealth, but due to massive increase in debt which created a temporary economic boom.

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Where'd you get your economics degree, from the University of Phoenix online?

Debt doesn't create wealth.

It's productive investment that create wealth. Plant, equipment, and capital. That's what the debt bought during WW II.

But the real reason the U.S. had a boom was because the rest of the world was in ruins. Germany was bombed out. England was bombed out. The Soviets were starving to death and the Japanese were nuked out.

There was nobody with a manufacturing base left over except the U.S. - and a lot of that had been built up during the war to produce weapons.

It wasn't the debt, it was WHAT THE DEBT PURCHASED - and what it purchased was capital and the destruction of the capital base of the rest of the world.

The U.S. built all the manufactures for the rest of the world for at least a decade after the war.

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Note that the economic boom wasn't due to war, which only destroys wealth. , but due to massive increase in debt which created a temporary economic boom.

What we were in the midst of the great depression and FDR was pissing away money on the New Deal. Our economic growth was mostly due to the war because there was basically infinite demand for goods in the form of the Allies.

War itself is obviously just a massive expense usually, but what you win in a war usually has provided boons to economies.

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The economy was booming in the US, because of the war.

After every war, Industry grows globally as things must be repaired, and when you're left undamaged and with working infrastructure, you can build up more Industry than you had before.

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It's the 1950's we are clearly in the re-building phase.

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It's kind of like when you're a kid and you wanna run away from home, that planning stage is the fun part. The 60's is an era where everyone was just running away from their problems and it felt nice because there were drugs and parties and music and all the nice things. Then by the time the 70's rolled around they realized they need to actually sell drugs to survive. As those people looked back on the 50's, it seemed antiquated, cookie-cutter, and boring.

Right now, those hippies are all feeling a lot of regret that's impossible for them to fully be aware of because the acid has put them in a constant state of nostalgia. To finish the metaphor, all the other decades were extremely hard times for these people who ran from their problems, just like it would be if a kid really did decide to run away from home. The only difference is, there is no home to come back to for those people who traded in everything to become groupies. That's why the 80's was also portrayed as a time of over-the-top luxury. Compared to the drop-outs of the 60's, the 80's probably seemed unsustainable, too. It's all about who's looking at it because some people would never themselves be able to sustain a traditional lifestyle like they had in the 50's. If you look at places in the country, though, they would say the 50's was a golden era because their quaint lifestyle was mainstream and the country music was still good.

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Apparently we are doing better now than we did in the 80’s.

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Look at (((who))) is telling the lies.

I know it gets old, everything having the same answer, but facts are facts; follow the money.

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