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I honestly don't even mind a show having gay-lesbian relationships.

But what does bug me is how EVERY show has to do it to prove how progressive and inclusive they are. While only about 4% of the population identify as gay, it seems like 60% of TV kisses are same sex now.

I was all on board for Willow and Tara. Back then it really was progressive. Now it's almost unusual for a show to NOT have gay characters. And while mixed gender relationships pursue the old TV trope of building sexual tension between characters, the gay characters practically need to hire on special tongue consultants for all the screen time their tongues get.

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Homos don't make up 4% of the population. Even they don't know how many there are. It's at most around 2%. It probably skews when polled in more Liberal cities where they are more likely to congregate, like New York or LA.

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millennials are so gay they're driving up the curve actually so it might be a bit more than you'd expect, the suicides will bring it back down though

[–] matthew-- 3 points 11 points (+14|-3) ago 

gays multiply via raping young kids, it used to be 2% but it's probably a bit higher now

watch in go to 10% after they legalise pedophilia

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It's probably less than 1% if you unplug the faggots from media.

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Nailed it.

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But what does bug me is how EVERY show has to do it to prove how progressive and inclusive they are.

I just watched The Leisure Seekers. The movie is about an old couple going on an RV trip. There are only about 10 characters with speaking roles... But one of those roles for whatever reason is some faggot kid talking about how the 70 year old main character is totally his type.

I think the directors got to the end and realised they forgot to include a faggot, so they tacked him in.

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The problem with Willow and Tara is that Tara was fat and ugly.

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Well, Kennedy had her own problems. (Mostly being kinda annoying.)

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Legend of Korra, but it wasn't as good as the first Avatar show anyway. In the series finale Korra and Asami get together with no sign of either of them being bisexual. One of the creators even said that they did it specifically because they thought that LGBT characters were underrepresented. It felt tacked on, because it was.

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LGBT characters were underrepresented

Precisely why we need to purge them from earth. Not saying we kill all gays, but those who speak up (activists, ask for rights) should just be lynched in public to serve as an example.

So there's none of them remain to ask to be "represented" and no SJW turd using the opportunity to virtue signal.

I miss the good old gay bashing where we send them to correction camps. Hitler was right about fags. Fundamentalist christians was right about fags. ISIS was right about fags. Even ultraorthodox rabbi was right about fags. We knew the Israeli God and whatever is good because he destroyed Sodomites. Why can't we tolerate all these views and deal with fags correctly ffs. It's a perversion and a choice, and no amount of brainwashing and corrupt scientific paper gonna change that fact.

You know, feudal samurai era Japan has alot of faggotry (nanshoku) because those degenerate behavior was accepted back then. But when today modern Japanese make movie/drama/games about those era, the faggotry element is removed (historical revision) because it is a disgusting perversion and they are ashamed of it. In the west it's the other way around, we are culturally declining because we are tolerating faggots.

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Agreed- they don't all need to die, but they need to be forced back into the closet. They need to be shamed and socially ostracized for being fucked up deviants. Society as a whole needs to stop encouraging freaks and validating their delusions.

When I was younger, while being indoctrinated in high school, there was a lot of talk about gay marriage. The argument against it was typically "It's a slippery slope- first they wanted to live together, now they want to adopt, next they want to marry, and this will carry on to reach depths of degeneracy that couldn't have been imagined previously". As a young indoctrinated fool, I thought this argument was ridiculous.

We were fed "They're normal people, just like you, and it's about love, you like love, right?" Teachers framed it in that innocent way to get by our better judgement.

A decade and a half later.... gays are holding giant public orgies all throughout June, including children. Pedophilia is being pushed as "just another sexual orientation". We were assured by the faggots that there was no "slippery slope".

I wonder what will be at the bottom of this heap of shit we're sliding down? Probably more shit.

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Nobody deserves to be represented.

[–] BreederBasher 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago  (edited ago)

And that's why Japan deserved to be nuked and so every race that allied with Hitler deserves to be systematically exterminated. Homosexuality is the only normal form of human sexuality, and gay sex doesn't mongrelize the human race like heterosexual perversion does.

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They also left it very open to interpretation, like they could also just be good friends. No backbone or creativity from the writers at all.

The Spirit-world scenes were very cool though.

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It was so ungodly forced

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Damon that was faggotry atits faggiest.

It was primarily a kids show. Those homos knew most decent parents would stop showing it to their kids if itwas too homo, so they just, "They, dykes, kids! Yay!" at the end.


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Once upon a time, supergirl, flash, greys anatomy, some seasons of amazing race and lots of cooking shows.

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Greys Anatomy? There were straight men watching Greys?

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The 100, Torchwood, Lucifer, Britain's Got Talent

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I think with Doctor Who/Torchwood it was done a lot better with more subtlety than any other show since.

Jack Harkness was the first non-straight character in Doctor Who and was well received enough by the general public to produce a successful spinoff. Plus he wasn't gay per se, he was omnisexual, he'd fuck anything.

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They had Clarke banging everyone on The 100 didn’t they?

[–] Native 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

flash was pozzed from the beginning. I wanted to like the show, Flash was my favorite superhero

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an interracial relationship between two people who grew up as siblings? what thats a totally normal situation... lol. /s just in case it was somehow unclear.

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god you watch that shit you faggot?

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Penny Dreadful. Or anything dealing with Vampires/mysticism, really... Everyone just goes full whore on everyone.

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I thought that was the plot.

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oy vey the gay shit will end when the goyim stop watching talmudvision.

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Battlestar islamica, Sense8 any of the shit those matrix wackchowski? dudes touch...Penny Dreadful, Lost but was also generally bad tv by Jar Jar Abrams, Game of Thrones? any of those Doctor Hospital Drama Grey's Anatomy? all...jumped the shark, nuked the fridge? .... tv is no longer the old tv of the guys n girls who would read books and play video games and watch movies, it has been hijacked by certain producers basically propaganda mixed with fictional drama and entertainment then and bam! more filth and Propaganda! ....this agenda will also creep into the video game industry. All tv and hollyweird have people who push degeneracy, mutli cultural race mixing or Miscegenation, they love drug dealers, anti American propaganda, filth, homosexuality, many of the Weinstein-ish producers now exposed as rapists and child abusers....I am not for censorship but now there is clearly an agenda going on and I am against these weirdo perverted rapists some of which happen to be big global jew producers...conspiracy?.... and I am against criminality. ... and it seems a cartoon "Steven Universe" Is Reportedly the First Cartoon for Kids to Feature a Same-Sex Engagement

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I'll agree with you about Animal Kingdom. Its not like they're showing a ton of straight sex scenes. And it's not like the gay sex scenes are necessary to the plot.

I got annoyed with Brooklyn Nine Nine when Rosa came out as Bisexual. I know they were doing some tie in with the actress coming out as bi, but still.

Also, there were some media reports about how the new Jurassic World movie and how they cut out a scene where one of the characters says she's a lesbian. They cut it because it added nothing to the movie and wasn't relevant to the plot. People still had to bitch about it being cut.

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I really wanted to see that bitch get eaten by a dinosaur. She was horrible.

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The most pointless character ever.

And that was just the introduction to the character, it only went downhill from there.

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I haven't actually seen it yet. I'll stream it once there's a good version online.

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i do not believe in female bisexuality.

furthermore, i find it extremely annoying when it is ever brought up.

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Wait ! If they have bisexuals, aren't they admitting that there are only two genders?

[–] Redditsdead 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

Eh, I don't really care what they do. But I do agree it doesn't need to be discussed as it is nowadays. I don't give any fucks about what people do in their bedrooms.

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They cut it because it added nothing to the movie and wasn't relevant to the plot.

They should have cut the character out of the movie entirely, by that logic

[–] Korinthian 1 points 9 points (+10|-1) ago 

What the fuck makes these assholes think the straight male viewers want to see this shit

that's the entire point. They hate straight males, especially goys, so they mass produce gay propaganda and forcefeed it into every media they can get control over. They don't want to appeal to you, they want to destroy you.

[–] neogag 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

They don't want to appeal to you, they want to destroy you.

They also want you to be annoyed but not be able to speak up because of the show's popularity. You'd come off as the bad guy and "homophobic" to normies.

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It is not even just pushing straight people out, How many shows are there where the White Male adult is a hard working smart good dad? All shows always have the White Dad as a real dumbass and the rest of the family has to work toghether to pull fast ones over him to get him to do the right thing. All shows make the White male out as a idiot and the mom and the teen kids are always so smart........

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How many shows are there where the White Male adult is a hard working smart good dad?

They're almost all like that on MeTV - Andy Griffith Show, Father Knows Best, Brady Bunch, My Three Sons, etc.

Oh you meant current shows. Can't help you there.

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That 70s Show isn't current, but Red was wonderfully different from the typical bumbling father trope.

[–] Whiteflourguy 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Yes sorry I did mean current lol

[–] BreederBasher 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago  (edited ago)

The Dad on The Brady Bunch was gay and proof of both gay supremacy and that gays can be trusted around children. Sherwood Schwartz was Jewish.

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Yet somehow the Dad is making bank paying for that McMansion and all those toys the faggot children have

[–] Whiteflourguy 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Are you trying to say I am wrong? I am not following you on the comment here.

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