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Because I'm not an insecure faggot that needs to be validated. Lol white history month, as if you could fit our achievements into a single month.

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This is the correct answer

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Pride Century.

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'Pride month' sounds like some event for lazy greezy hateful fatassed hedonists or event an open borders commie homosexual jew dyke nigger.... Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth...were these not Western 'sins'?

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You assume I'm not a parent. Also popping out kids that are white is not an instant recipe for success. There's plenty of examples of "white race gone wrong".

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This is just not true. Do you create a net benefit to society? Then you're doing more than most. Most men through history just played their part, very few made giant contributions. If you're able to greatly contribute then great. But if you're only able to be a small positive on society then thats good to. Making a GOOD child is a benefit. Giving birth to a little faggot does more damage than not having kids.