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Well, some of my glorious ancestors were the fine sailors who brought these guys over here, free of charge, and handled all the paperwork / immigration issues, and found them a job; don’t I get some of this reparation money too?

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Found the kike. ...still trying to make shekels off an abomination that's destroying the country to this day.

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I didn’t say we owned the ships, just crewing them.

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I think the man should be paid his compensation for his important role in history.

After all, had Gargilius ancestors not brought the slaves here what would have become of all those fine black american inventors statesmen diplomats and industrialists we are only now learning about?

Its becoming increasingly apparent (apparently) that the united states wouldnt be the vibrant advanced civilisation it is without Wakandan African migration and slavery.

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Q. Why don't Black people go on cruises?

A. "Ain't falling for that one again."

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Do jews own all of the cruise ships too? Now there's a homework assignment for someone

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Niggers. The only group that never fought for their own freedom, but rather had to have White men fight and die to liberate them from bondage. Ask any one of their descendants who is the most evil race on earth and they'll respond without hesitation, "Whites". They enslaved each other for millennia and delighted in torturing their captives before killing and eating them, yet they believe the people that FORCED FREEDOM upon them are the bad ones. ....fucking niggers.

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I wonder what the Ports and Germs in Brazil say, behind closed doors about ending slavery there. And the rampant crime that is correlated with shade of skin? I know the indigenous peoples were not treated well when captured, but a 'white" friend from there said that their fellow slaves, larger/stronger Africans were just as bad as the masters to them.

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The Amazon natives were vicious savages who wouldn't hesitate to blow a poison dart into your eye, but they are still ten times more civilized than those filthy niggers from Africa. The problem with the "indigenous" people in Brazil today is that they have nigger blood pumping through their hearts from centuries of being raped by manumitted African slaves.

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had to have White men fight and die

Doesn't that imply that white men are the idiots in the room?

The group with the lowest IQ, that voluntarily removes its genes from the gene pool to the benefit of other group's genes?

Fucking white knight idiots.

It's no surprise that Jews cant help themselves but dominate the white idiots without any significant effort. Just say the magic word "helping" and they'll slaughter each other off by the hundreds of thousands desperately trying to one-up each other who is doing the most "helping" at his own cost.

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Brilliant!!! I’m using this one ASAP!

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Where's my money, Tyrone?

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If we want to really be honest the ones most deserving of reparations would be the native americans. In the end though I think its all a crock of shit.

In the future Israel will want reparations for the crusades...

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Yeah really. Every time they got resettled on some worthless piece of land, they got the boot when newly valued natural resources discovered. Or a little money given to corrupt tribal council that bought votes with booze and cigs. And shouldn't they be able to sue descendants of the black mercenary "Buffalo Soldiers" who conducted murderous raids that the whites wouldn't, out of fear of scalping or court martial?

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Maybe you could put a lien on their welfare checks.

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Only the ones that were immigrants, obviously.

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Another poisoning of the English language.

Reparations means something in order to repair something. What the fuck is being repaired? Africa not only hasnt developed, STILL. But it's still a fucking shithole today so no matter how deluded you are that everyone everywhere is equal to everyone else (obviously untrue) you can fully verify that there wasn't and still isn't (because you can't change history) a damn thing to repair.

These 2 retards need to read this comment thread @Fatpass121


Hey, @Koalemos_Grottesco get a load of these guys.

They're from the white nationalist thread talking about their love for brown people - oh wait, no they were taking a step back and easing into that by trying to say everyone was equal first loloolol. No race is equal to the European races and that is an obvious fact. Fact, you losers

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I think he wants a hug.

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voat gold

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I do turn out some great shit.

That's for sure

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