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At this point I think we need to be seriously concerned about rare, law-abiding, 150 IQ niggers, because they can become gateway niggers. There will always be white stupid shits who don't get that the vast majority of other niggers out there are nothing like this extreme outlier. It seems so hard to communicate the reality of people groups and niggers and differences between groups. If we portray niggers as nothing but awful to those with no nigger experience, then they will find this isn't true if they ever get real life nigger experience. We will lose credibility. We sure as hell don't want to portray them as good or just like white people.

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Right, this is never acknowledged: you let the 'talented ten percent' in, but they will have relatives and family members that inevitably regress to the mean. After a few generations you see what happens.

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gateway nigger...too funny.

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All it takes is one to get silly women and soy boys thinking, "Why can't they all be like Tyrone the scientist?"

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You must be new here.

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I dont want to live anywhere near them. What kind of man allows feral apes to be around his loved ones??

But seriously, it's just a bell curve thing. The smart niggers are very rare but someone said it here, they are gateway biggers. Frederick Douglas talks about it in how he doesnt understand other blacks, I think he says, why dont they just teach themselves things? Or something like that lol.

And even then, the dumber ones are like animals, in that as long as whites completely outnumber them, we keep them in line like a trained animal.. think koko the gorilla. As long as whites are doing everything, the most the bigger has to do is not pop himself and we are happy. The problem happens when statistics rears its ugly head and they begin to regress.

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Its somewhere in his first book, my bondage and my freedom. He realizes he is different from the other slaves.

He also talks about "leaving a bad apple on the ground rather than toeing back to a tree" in a debate with Lincoln.

Real interesting character.

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Whites don't want to co-exist with blacks any more than blacks want to co-exist with whites. It's only the white SJW types who think diversity is a good idea. I think the SJW's should move into black neighborhoods and live there until the blacks kill them all.

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Nope. Not worth it. We whites have our countries, while they have an entire fucking continent to work with.

Wall them off. They can come for discussions when they have some thing to offer. Until then, they struggle and suffer until they figure out how to do something endurable.

Give it 1000 years.

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The only people I want to exist with is my own. I want other races to exist but solely in their own countries. They can come for a holiday and bring those sweet tourist dollars with them but so called working holidays are unacceptable and once their trip is over they absolutely must go back home or face a firing squad.

Now when it comes to niggers, mulattos and all the other shitskins of the world I say we deport them all to the countries that have the closest matching skin colour. Niggers go to Africa, chinks back to China and all the half breed mutts can fuck off to Mexico for all I care. Western nations are white nations and should be treated as such. Deport them all and make our nations great again.

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I'd gladly coexist with them....so long as they are in Africa and only Africa.

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Just move to that town in North Dakota those white supremacists bought?

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