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Your skin has a set number of follicles. When it stretches it doesnt grow more follicles, so the follicles are spaced further apart, hence less hair. Its the same with nerve endings. Fats are less sensitive because of this too.. also @praiseIPU is gay.

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Can confirm, @praiseIPU is indeed a faggot.

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They seem totally hairless. More likely to be some kind of follicle damage from stretching that causes them to stop working all together.

Edit: yeah @praiseIPU = angry, and that probably means hes a manlet.

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Their pants rub the hair off dipshit.

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Nigger, they mostly wear shorts and barely ever walk.

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Can confirn @PraiseIPU isn't 100% nigger minded on this.

I have big manly calves & depending what type of work pants I purchase I get free partial hair removal on the back of them.

Xpie, stop looking at fat people, it's not healthy in any way... unless doing it with your kids to teach them about the upsides of social pressure & bullying.

Together we can all bully the fatties down to a healthy weight !

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I see Sir Fagotron has studied fat mens legs a lot.

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Depending on age. After 35+ belly fat means more estrogen. So, huge fatties are estrogen ripe and testosterone low. That belly mass spells disaster.

Cortisol (I hope I got this right) goes higher and this estrogen become problematic.

People say soy is problem but look at Japanese guys. Very low beetus count.

So, with high estrogen, low T, hair growth gets limited.

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Makes sense, but i noticed the bald legs thing on fat teenagers too.

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Fat. Is the key.

Estrogen levels high with low T. I bet those teenagers don’t have much facial hair relative to their age too.

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Japs ferment soy. Fermented/ sprouted soy does not make estrogen

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Natto is nasty nasty shit. If you like Brie you’d probably like it though.

What about tofu or just soy sprouts?

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Fat makes estrogen.

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I don't go around checking out other men's calves.

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How are you able to cum? Calves are the only thing that can take me over the top

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For me it's Asian dwarf incest or nothing.

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Nice try at burn, but nether do I. I notice them because i notice out of place things. Such as fat people. Then i look at them in a similar fashion you would look at a picture of a Tasmanian Devil with a tumor on his face (actual thing). Then i notice more detailed out of place things such as hairless calves. I would make a great secret service (SS) agent.

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I am sure you would make a great SS agent, aside from a hooked nose, beady eyes and a last name that ends in stein

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I think there is definitely some hormonal disruption with weight gain that makes one sex look like the opposite sex. I apologize for being gross ): buuuuut I had very elevated levels of testosterone 60 pounds ago, and it's now at very low levels.

I think they are going to discover an association with fat and gender/sexual orientation confusion for this reason.

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Hmm, probably its hormonal yes. We should capture 100 obests and force them to feed and in-breathe in captivity to see what happens. Maybe we can develop some kind of fallout tier supermutant monsters that we can use as soldiers or tug boats to pull cargo ships in a more ecological fashion.

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I love this user.

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What would this mean for fat women and mustaches though?

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Well I've seen all kinds of women with mustaches, including young fit ones. I guess it could be fat disturbing hair growth, chemically or physically.

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I'm thinking you should probably cease scrutinizing fat men's calves, that's kinda gay bro.

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Someone has to analyze these things. Just be happy i did it, so you odn't have to.

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