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Because, fuck you. That's why.


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This is the only correct answer.


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Exactly. It's the same deal with the English language--bizarre, inconsistent, and only comprehensible if you grew up speaking it. Like the Britbong Empire before us, we take a perverse, gleeful pleasure in using our clout to make the lesser nations cater to our standards. We know they hate it, we know there's a better way to do it, and we know they can't do shit about it because we're the big dogs on the block.

Incidentally though, the Imperial measurement system is actually better than the metric system for everyone except scientists, because it's easier to "eyeball" things with it due to the granularity. It's easy to look at someone or something, and say "that's about 5 feet tall, and four feet long." It's much less intuitive to say, "That's....1 and a third meters? 1 and a half?" You can do it, but it's much easier to use feet for anything smaller than a football field or so. Same deal with temperature, to a lesser degree--because there are twice as many degrees Farenheit between freezing and boiling than there are degrees Celsius, the units are much more granular. Because they're more granular, you never need to get into decimals when using temperature in regular day-to-day use, whereas with Celsius you generally need to use decimals to get a reading accurate enough to be useful.