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Because the American Measuring Cup Mafia* refuses to cede their market share to the Metric Measuring Cup Mafia.

The Metrics successfully made inroads with the scientific and academic crowds, being liberals, they bent over and took a 500ml Florence Flask right up their asses.

The MMCM then made a move for the alcoholic crowd with their 750ml wine bottles, and being women, they were more than happy to drink a bottle no matter what the size or shape.

But the beer drinkers were not having any of that shit, so we still have 12oz cans, drink pints at the bar, and drink our liquor by the ounces, not mL, even though the bastards are shipping whisky in metric bottles.

And we don't measure length in metric because telling a woman you have a 30cm dick is somehow even more unbelievable than telling her you have a 12 inch dick.

*AMCM also controls measuring spoons, but it was a smaller market to scoop up, hence the lack of mention in the name.


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They sell bottles of beer in pint bottles too though so they are doing that right.

Edit: Forgot we have 20 oz beer cans. Fuck their stupid metric system.


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I don’t believe you, but I like you.