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There are two types of countries: those who use metric and those who have been to the moon.

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He said... with National Socialist Rocketry Engineers from Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Finland, France and Belgium under operation Paperclip, meanwhile NASA still uses the metric system. To be American and blissful.

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Don't take your jealous anger out on me.

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He said... with National Socialist Rocketry Engineers from Germany Von Braun was a fucking meme engineer. Sure, He was one of the early pioneers of rocketry, but that's all. He can't into thrust vectoring and was stuck slapping fins onto everything.

The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Finland, France and Belgium... Yes, they came here BECAUSE NONE OF THOSE NATIONS HAD A FUCKING SPACE PROGRAM. America did. What, do you expect a smart motherfucker in Belgium to just sit there and say "Gee, I spend My time working out man's ability to reach the stars, shame I'm in Belgium, guess I'll just go fuck Myself..."

To be American and blissful. Win. You meant to write "To be American and win".

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all stated is correct save for the fact that nobody has landed on the moon, and the earth is flat. Sources: worked at nasa.

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*those who use metric, and their landlord.

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Better to use this one now that the US no longer has man-rated space launch capability.

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Pretty sure we used the metric system to get us there though.

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It's one of the ways we confuse the enemy during times of war.

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...and how you blow up spacecrafts.

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That was because some idiots didn't adhere to our set up standard

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Never happened, unless you are referring to times when some idiots insisted in using their toy metric system to do rocket science (that's when things went bad)

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Because it works.

I saw a video from UK were they described a person using cm for height, stones for weight and inches for waist size. That is strange. Why does the UK still use stones for weight and inches for waist if they are on the metric system?

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None of the English speaking countries ever shifted completely to the metric system; if memory serves, Britain converted mostly for commercial reasons. When I had went to check the weather in Mexico using the BBC, the default setting gave degrees Celsius yet wind speeds in miles per hour. Their half adoption is even stranger than the U.S.' outright refusal, though would be less topical to-day.

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Hmm, seems like the only country that didn't shift to some off-brand measurement system is also the worlds superpower...

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Yeah for years in Ireland all our street signs giving distance to destinations were in km, but our speed signs were in mph (but didn't mention that on the signs). Had a lot of tourists driving very slowly! And I still use the odd mix of imperial and metric, although neither we nor the Brits measure height in cm, that's still feet and inches.

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The customary system is from the same lineage of units as 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day, ie a base 12 system. There are all kinds of natural proportions embedded in the unit sizes, but I’m not an expert on all that.

Also international standardization is a pet project of communist Jews.

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None of the English speaking countries ever shifted completely to the metric system;

...just hang around a hardware store in any English speaking country - and see how far your centimeters and your grams will take you.

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Because, fuck you. That's why.

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This is the only correct answer.

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Exactly. It's the same deal with the English language--bizarre, inconsistent, and only comprehensible if you grew up speaking it. Like the Britbong Empire before us, we take a perverse, gleeful pleasure in using our clout to make the lesser nations cater to our standards. We know they hate it, we know there's a better way to do it, and we know they can't do shit about it because we're the big dogs on the block.

Incidentally though, the Imperial measurement system is actually better than the metric system for everyone except scientists, because it's easier to "eyeball" things with it due to the granularity. It's easy to look at someone or something, and say "that's about 5 feet tall, and four feet long." It's much less intuitive to say, "That's....1 and a third meters? 1 and a half?" You can do it, but it's much easier to use feet for anything smaller than a football field or so. Same deal with temperature, to a lesser degree--because there are twice as many degrees Farenheit between freezing and boiling than there are degrees Celsius, the units are much more granular. Because they're more granular, you never need to get into decimals when using temperature in regular day-to-day use, whereas with Celsius you generally need to use decimals to get a reading accurate enough to be useful.

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Because the American Measuring Cup Mafia* refuses to cede their market share to the Metric Measuring Cup Mafia.

The Metrics successfully made inroads with the scientific and academic crowds, being liberals, they bent over and took a 500ml Florence Flask right up their asses.

The MMCM then made a move for the alcoholic crowd with their 750ml wine bottles, and being women, they were more than happy to drink a bottle no matter what the size or shape.

But the beer drinkers were not having any of that shit, so we still have 12oz cans, drink pints at the bar, and drink our liquor by the ounces, not mL, even though the bastards are shipping whisky in metric bottles.

And we don't measure length in metric because telling a woman you have a 30cm dick is somehow even more unbelievable than telling her you have a 12 inch dick.

*AMCM also controls measuring spoons, but it was a smaller market to scoop up, hence the lack of mention in the name.

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They sell bottles of beer in pint bottles too though so they are doing that right.

Edit: Forgot we have 20 oz beer cans. Fuck their stupid metric system.

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I don’t believe you, but I like you.

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We use units that work well. It's as simple as that. It's not like someone just invented a bunch of units and forced people to use it, like the metric system. Imperial units are used because they're good for what they're used for.

Take gallons, for example. People were selling liquids in gallon jugs before someone came along and said, "Hey, that's a good size. Let's call that a gallon. These other bottles you sell, the ones a fourth of the size of the big ones? We'll call those quarts." Cups, tablespoons, teaspoons - I mean, it's right there in the names. We standardized on what was already being used.

Feet and inches are useful and meaningful for measuring people's heights. But we don't measure height in yards or in hands. Have you heard of hands? They're four inches. We don't use them in general, but people who raise horses do. Why? Well, I'm no expert, but I'll bet that most horses of the same breed grow to an average size within about a hand of one another. At any rate, it's a unit they find best for measuring horses. Feet and inches would work just as well, they're easily convertible, but hands just give a better feel.

For some reason we don't like using stones to measure weight. Maybe because it's base fourteen. I mean, talk about weird. But that's what they use in Britain. Why? Probably because they feel rounding off seven pounds or less is reasonable when talking about a person's weight. Just like we feel rounding off to the nearest inch is good for height.

So most people don't use furlongs, gills, etc. So what? That just shows those aren't useful to most people anymore. When they are useful, that's what we'll use.

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Imperial units are used because they're good for what they're used for.

I use cm and mm for measuring smaller things. Inches and fractions are lunacy. Maybe I just need to find a ruler that has tenths of an inch ticked off rather than eighths or sixteenths.

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Half of 1 is 1/2

Half 1/2 is 1/4

Half of 1/4 is 1/8

Half of 1/8 is 1/16

Half of 1/32 is 1/64


Omg, actual divide 1/4 = 0.25

Omg, actual divide 1/16 = 0.0625

Wow wow wow, Velocity = Distance / Time therefore Imperial velocity is so confusing they take an Imperial Distance divided by Imperial Time and get some meaningless output that simply does not work at all.

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For precision work we use "thou" which are thousandths of an inch and "tenths" which are a tenth of that. The fractional lengths you're talking about with other bases are more used for standardized sizes like screws, wrenches, etc. Incidentally, you use our 1/4", 1/2", and 3/8" standard for your socket wrenches. You know, on account of standards being useful and convenient to just keep in place.

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It's easy to take a shithole and make them do everything new. They have little to nothing that will fall apart as a result. But, it's a tougher job to take the richest, most innovative nation on earth and change everything.

This is the same reason it's easier to re-do a gravel walkway than to re-surface a 10-lane highway.

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cuz we're not commies

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