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A weak father is the gateway to most degeneracy. He should be the keeper of his family’s faith, protection and well being as well as their provider and teacher. Without these necessary and important traits in a man, the future of the people and nation is weakened.

Wives fall to the religion of feminism and deny their place in the home, next to their husband, under his guidance and protection. Destroying their home inwardly through the imitation of practices learned through propaganda, targeted toward their loving and caring minds.

Daughters fall to the poison of immodesty and sexual degeneracy. Attracting men who she mistakenly believes will protect her but instead realizes later that they took advantage of her poor judgment that was devoid of her fathers input.

Sons fall to the way of the sloth and amusement seeker and become lazy, arrogant degenerates who fail to seek a path for their future offspring. Believing in lies targeted to his strong will to make something of his name as a young man.

Without the strong guidance and gentle hand of a wise father, your families will become degenerate and so will your country.


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100% this. You can break everything down to bad parenting, but in particular that of the father. Don't get me wrong everyone succumbs to their DNA and biological instincts so you can't make a nigger white as snow on the inside by being a Ned Flanders type father figure but that kind of father will make the child infinitely better than the average deadbeat nigger who actually sticks around which all things taken into consideration is a fucking miracle compared to the true average nigger father that bails the second they're made aware of the pregnancy test being taken let alone coming back positive.

When it comes to the mother though they always tell their children you can't settle down with the first person you meet, that you need to be sexually compatible with them, etc. which regardless of the gender of the child raises them to be whores. It's just in their nature to act that way like it is a spider's to make a web but men on the other hand think much more rationally and long term which is why marriage is even a thing. We're the ones who want to lock shit down. We're the ones who want to build a relationship from the ground up. We're the ones who consider a boring life the best kind to live as it means a lack of constant drama, etc. all of which goes against the feminine instinct. If left up to them life would be about partying as much as possible and showing it off to everyone you can to say you're living a better life than they are while men are more about building a solid foundation for their families and showing it off by utilizing the resources available to them so people are forced to look up to them. So we choose to lead by example instead of forcing an opinion on others and it's that very quality that builds a civilization whereas the opposite leads to it's destruction. That's why feminism is being pushed so hard of late. (((They))) know exactly what happens when females get their way so they're using our women against us so it starts with the family and leads to the country as a whole.