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Basically can't stand Steven Colbert anymore, or John Oliver, or anyone from The Daily Show. I used to think they were Hilarious, that they did great satire, but now when I watch them, all I see are comedians aligned firmly with a political agenda that I no longer fully support or agree with.

Best example I can come up with is Colbert on the Late show talking about the border bullshit going on. Rips on Trump for a solid five minutes about how he's handling the situation, then claims he's gonna play "The Devil's Advocate". Now me, I always assumed the role of Devil's Advocate was to propose questions and answers from a point of view not popular or supported by the current audience. Instead, Colbert just keeps doing what he was doing a moment ago, but with bad graphics and a comically evil bend to the tone.

I don't remember him giving Obama even half as much shit for his role in this immigration problem, or saying word one when Obama supercharged the drone warfare program that has killed innocent civilians because a suspected terrorist might be taking a shit next door. He didn't say anything when Obama ran Snowden and Assange out of the country, or locked up Bradley Manning, and he was suspiciously low key about Obama's frequent justification and support of the surveillance state. Can't see him as anything but another left wing shill now.


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Exactly. And when someone calls them out for being political, they claim they are just comedians and it doesn't count. Total hypocrites.


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"were just comedians, why would anyone listen to what we say?"

Meanwhile in the writing room a staff of psychologists are determining how things should be phrased to be accepted by the most people.


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Jon Stewart somehow knew the exact time to get off screen. The rest of daily show alums jumped on the schillary 2016 train and became toxically unfunny.


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I'll never forget that Jon Stewart was honest, if only for a fleeting moment, about Ron Paul, and how the media erased him from existence.


[–] REEEEEapWhatYouSow 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

I remember in 2008 when he went pro Obama and said this guy is going to save us, that was the end of the daily show for me.


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He would no longer sacrifice children to Moloch and got BTFO i bet.


[–] IVIVI ago 

Jew Stewart

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I haven't seen it (or think I've even heard of it). The problem with shows that are "right" leaning or moderate is that they become popular and ultimately become "left" for propaganda reasons.


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Have you seen The Opposition? It's The Colbert Report without Colbert. Blows my mind how blatantly cookie-cutter it is. Who cares though, right, just tell us what we want to hear.