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Basically can't stand Steven Colbert anymore, or John Oliver, or anyone from The Daily Show. I used to think they were Hilarious, that they did great satire, but now when I watch them, all I see are comedians aligned firmly with a political agenda that I no longer fully support or agree with.

Best example I can come up with is Colbert on the Late show talking about the border bullshit going on. Rips on Trump for a solid five minutes about how he's handling the situation, then claims he's gonna play "The Devil's Advocate". Now me, I always assumed the role of Devil's Advocate was to propose questions and answers from a point of view not popular or supported by the current audience. Instead, Colbert just keeps doing what he was doing a moment ago, but with bad graphics and a comically evil bend to the tone.

I don't remember him giving Obama even half as much shit for his role in this immigration problem, or saying word one when Obama supercharged the drone warfare program that has killed innocent civilians because a suspected terrorist might be taking a shit next door. He didn't say anything when Obama ran Snowden and Assange out of the country, or locked up Bradley Manning, and he was suspiciously low key about Obama's frequent justification and support of the surveillance state. Can't see him as anything but another left wing shill now.

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Exactly. And when someone calls them out for being political, they claim they are just comedians and it doesn't count. Total hypocrites.

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"were just comedians, why would anyone listen to what we say?"

Meanwhile in the writing room a staff of psychologists are determining how things should be phrased to be accepted by the most people.

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Jon Stewart somehow knew the exact time to get off screen. The rest of daily show alums jumped on the schillary 2016 train and became toxically unfunny.

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I'll never forget that Jon Stewart was honest, if only for a fleeting moment, about Ron Paul, and how the media erased him from existence.

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I remember in 2008 when he went pro Obama and said this guy is going to save us, that was the end of the daily show for me.

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He would no longer sacrifice children to Moloch and got BTFO i bet.

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Jew Stewart

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I hate all of them now except ot that new-ish show The Opposition with what's his name. It seems right, but other times seems left, but it's usually pretty good and funny, he's a funny guy. And when he criticises Trump and stuff it's usually for an alright reason.

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I haven't seen it (or think I've even heard of it). The problem with shows that are "right" leaning or moderate is that they become popular and ultimately become "left" for propaganda reasons.

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Have you seen The Opposition? It's The Colbert Report without Colbert. Blows my mind how blatantly cookie-cutter it is. Who cares though, right, just tell us what we want to hear.

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Colbert was always liberal, but he used to stay out of politics for the most part (bc Obama was president and was untouchable), and I used to watch Conan, both have gone full liberal agenda. Especially colbert. All late night TV is shit now.

I just watch reruns of its always sunny, rules of engagement, the office, and mad Men. Also watch Louder With Crowder.

Edit: unlike others here, I've always hated John Oliver and Jon Stewart. They've been pushing that extreme liberal/socialist agenda for years.

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I bought CRTV just for Crowder but Get Off My Lawn has become my favorite now. McInnes is funny as shit.

I definitely voted Obama twice and used to love watching Conan, John Oliver, and Jimmy Fallon. Can't stand any of them now that it's clear that they hate me and would feed me to pigs if given the chance LOL.

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I never liked mcinnes bc he just seemed like a hipster who is suddenly pandering to conservatives. Maybe I'm misreading him. Crowder gives him shit about it too, although I think it's just banter. CRTV is well worth it imo.. More and more new shows each month it seems.

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"i definitely voted obama twice..." some things you just take to the grave.

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McInnes rules. But of course he's apparently a jew shill or something if you ask anyone on Voat.

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Yeah I used to watch Colbert's shows until about spring of election year. How anti-Trump and anti-GOP those shows turned was probably the biggest driving factor that turned me from left-leaning to right. That, and also the corruption of the DNC during the primaries really opened my eyes.

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Same here, I once liked them and now cannot believe that I did (particularly Colbert). Of course none of that crowd acknowledges that their smug belittling of Trump (while simultaneously encouraging his run just so they could mock him) only boosted his support and immensely helped him win. Instead they STILL harp about Russia. No self reflection at all among that crowd.

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Steven Crowder is openly pro-zionism / pro Is-Ra-El. I had to unsub.

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Yeah, typical alt-lite crap. I used to listen to Alex Jones, and I would cringe every time he'd bring up Nazis running things like the UN. It's communist Jews you fucking idiot.

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what made colbert funny is he pretended to be us. the real him is gay AF

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I stopped reading xkcd.

Not because he was pro-Hillary, but because he was so empty in his pro-Hillary propaganda that he lost all credibility.

Tell people to vote, ok.

Tell why you're voting for her, maybe, but you're probably a dumbass.

Think posting a giant rendering of her logo is a worthy comic and political commentary all in one? That's so lame.

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The Hillary logo is so pathetic now. All those #stillwithher are complete losers that can't face reality

Nevermind she completely fucking abandoned them, except when it was time to sell her shit book, of course

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Not only that, there's a xkcd political statement with stick figures on top of it from way back, I think in the Obama/Hillary primaries, bemoaning Clinton for the corrupt politician she is or some shit. 4 or 8 years later he's with her 100%. I think I have the image somewhere, but I couldn't find it.

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Bernie won the nomination vote.

That's why they physically beat him and gave him millions upon millions of dollars to make him go away.

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It was as if they all stopped trying to be interesting and just cleared the books to be shills

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Yep. We used to be big fans of Jon Stewart, John Oliver the soyboy, and Steven Colbert. Then the year before the election happened - the fuckin' year before!! - they started gearing up for it, and things got tedious. They have all since become pretty much unbearably Trump-deranged and smug, moving even further left into the realm of "the left can't meme" so now they're just painfully unfunny.

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About a year before Johny Carson retired I sold my 900lbs Sony trinitron television. The writing was on the wall. Listened to the radio, talk shows, mostly. Got into ham radio (no license). From there got introduced to the Internet thing, then became a level 12 Nazi jew hunter and kicked off every social media platform until I landed in the harbors of Voat. Fuck the jews, niggers stink and shitskins have low i.q.s Most Democrats are child molesters or murderers and there are only two genders. All commies are jews and faggots.

If I'm still here in the morning, I'll keep posting.

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900lbs Sony trinitron television

LOL, had a buddy with one of those. Was an interesting experience helping him move it. Best image available at the time though.

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I'm thankful I only had to move it only twice.

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You had me at: About a year before Johny Carson retired I sold my 900lbs Sony trinitron television.

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I stopped going to old established news sites because I spotted blatant lies. No trust, no point.

I stopped watching news shows long ago because the emotional contortions of the women's faces was extreme and insulting; as if they were telling me how I was supposed to "feel" about a news item.

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It used to be you had to go to all of them to get the truth about whatever story was being discussed...but now, they all have the same damn lies! Why have any semblance of being different from the competition if you just copy-pasta a damn story?

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I'll give you the question you're really trying to ask and I'm not trying to piss in your cereal so just bear with me: "How many of you wish you could watch TV but it's overrun with leftist/liberal mind poison?" I wish I could tolerate movies and TV, but I see everything for what it is: Brainwashing, propaganda, agenda driven, materialistic, virtue-signaling, self-aggrandizing, soulless, garbage.

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I use to look forward to the nightly news. Especially if something juicy had happened during the day, I wanted to watch their reaction to it. The more somber and serious the reporter the more compelled I became. All of that came to a crashing halt when I watched ABC news melt down on election night. Their inability to remain impartial and professional was it for me. I don't watch news at all anymore aside from one 1/2 hr of local news. I also use to love Whoopie as an actress. Star Trek, Ghost, Sister Act.....now I just can't watch anything she is in.

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