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The invaders will vote democrat forever.

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So do the dead.

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What do invaders and dead people have in common? Oh yeah, IQ.

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So do the dead.

But the dead can't breed more Dem voters.

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That's exactly right.

The democrats are organized crime. They are all about PAY TO PLAY.

They will let these people exploit tax loopholes and social programs set aside just for immigrants, student grants and scholarships others won't have access to, and the ability to remit their money tax free back to their home country.....

......for the small price of their political souls. They'll vote democrat every time. Of course you are going to vote for someone who let's you essentially get away with crimes, mind you crimes all other nations - including the nation of origin of most of these aliens - would jail people for.

The democrats are doing it because they must. Any organization that gets old enough, starts to shift toward its own preservation even at the expense of its own mission. They haven't done a good job. They banked on the deep state getting Hillary into office. They bet wrong. Now they are in a position where they have zero platform, nothing of value to campaign on to the American people. To self-preserve, they must allow in a demographic they've bought.

The Democratic Plantation has long been in the business of using tax dollars to buy their minority votes. So now that they know they've lost a good chunk of their productive, white citizen base, they are paying - under the guise of humanitarianism - for a new voting base.

All of this. Everything you are seeing in the media and the selective outrage. It's all like a drowning person just grabbing at people's heads to stay above water. Distract, distract, distract while they poke holes in our Southern border to get a few generations of new voters into the country. By the time they are here, the Dems can guilt everyone else about children and dreams. A few generations is all it takes. Give it 2 or 3 generations and a few hundred thousand people can turn into a few million. Then you set up "sanctuary" cities to flood large, important districts with your new blue minority voters, and now you've got the ability to swing an election.

This is the play. This is the plan being engaged. It's been happening for a while, but it is really kicking into gear now that the democrat's "blue wave" is obviously not coming.

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They are all about PAY TO PLAY.

And PAY if you don't play as well.

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The existence of the left indicates your society is fucked. Such a thing should not even exist at all. We should be debating stuff like whether we should send back people found here illegally, enslave them, or kill them. The idea of welcoming them and giving them free shit should not even be considered at all. That's just one of many examples of ridiculous modern left policies.

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democrats are quietly winning elections....the right guy may have won the presidency but some real slimy assholes are winning other seats. the propaganda is working on some.

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I’ve to say it. I read a lot of things you say & I really appreciate it. I’m a “build things” kind of guy & wish I was the kind of person to be able to get words out of my brain in this way.

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simply, this is the core reason. the browning of America always pulls left.

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browning of America

More proof of global warming.

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They don't vote Democrat forever. That is why a constant flow is needed.

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Actually, niggers end up voting for Tyrone the democrat.

Spics end up voting for Pedro the democrat.

Muslims vote for Mohammed the democrat.

Chinks vote for Chong Liu the democrat.

You've got to be dumb as fuck or evil if you're a white democrat, but I guess that all comes perfectly natural if you're a (((white))) democrat.

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Because they are unamerican traitors and deserve to be publicly hanged.

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Simply put, the American Democratic Party is not an American party. It hasn't been in a long time.

They are a globalist socialist party that believes the nation state is an obsolete idea. Moreover, they believe the borders of the world should be open for all and we should be citizens of the world rather than patriots to our country.

This dovetails into the marxist thinking of the left in general which will use the open border policy to redistribute wealth from rich nations to poor nations while indoctrinating non whites that they are owed the wealth of Western nations and their mostly white populous (see social justice).

This will give them a sustainable voter base that they believe will keep them in power while keeping down the groups of people that tend to resist government expansion i.e. Whites/Pro Western populations.

Hope that helps

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It's communist, not socialist. The difference? The Democrats love central committee and vast, dysfunctional bureaucratic plans.

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"Socialism is to Communism what HIV is to AIDS" -Andrew Wilkow

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They're losing some of their traditional demographics to the Republicans due to constantly doubling down on retardation. So they're seeking new demographics, and they see that in illegals.

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Votes, that is it. These illegals will vote for whoever brought them here. The democrats only care about that government gravy train. They are all fucking communist. They use dumb-asses like young college students and uneducated fucks from other countries to win elections.

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Is universal basic income just a way to bribe tards to vote for you?

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what do you think 90% of the welfare bullshit they pass is?

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American citizens with a brain will never vote democrat

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because illegals don't know the laws, meaning they can easily be led to vote multiple times in different districts and help fill out the body count to vote for the cemeteries.

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Long-term all voters are conservative, it is an eventuality. The more they are hurt by minorities and the poor, the more they are leeched from, the more they themselves have earned... The less they will side with the liberal.

Socialism turns people into conservatives. Crime turns people into conservatives.

It pushes people away from voting how the Democrats need people to vote.

So they must replace you.

Who can they put in place as permanent liberal voters though? Only the permanently poor.

Who will stay poor? Those who need government hand-outs and are incapable of living without them.

How do they enslave these people? They make it so those who take the hand-outs become increasingly dependent on the hand-outs. Bring in poor, uneducated, stupid people, tell them they get free stuff... Give it to them and then show them to the loan office so their children can get higher education, useless degrees that put the child in debt for life.

They have undermined education to ensure the populace is stupid, they have indoctrinated in school to make sure the populace blames not their masters but those who would see them freed.

A permanent slave class is a valuable thing to a bunch of slavers.

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The only fault here is that the permanent poor are not the slaves they are just the means to an end. Slaves that wont and can't do anything are useless. The slaves in this scenario are the capable, the people who don't need the democrats. Those people are the real means of production and the goal is to enslave them by using the permanent poor and useless as their ball and chain. Once all of the resources are flowing through democrat coffers they skim the majority of the wealth off the top and throw the scraps to the poor and useless class in exchange for votes. The capable will never be convinced to vote democrat because they see the scam and thievery as clear as day. Pure communism in practice as every implementation of communism at its heart is exactly the above system.

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