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I'm mostly internetted out. I'm a little more active today because I have a small surgery tomorrow so I'm just chilling at the house. I listen to podcast and browse voat during work down time. Video games on Friday night with friends. The rest of my time, I've started to spend more time outside. I stopped reading news, I just hear about it from people and if something sounds interesting I will specifically search that topic. I'm reading more. I've been going on 4 mile walks in the evening. Spending even more time with my SO. Basically, I'm tired of the internet and I have to assume most users here are too. I won't fully walk away because it's a great tool, but I spend much less time on the web these days.

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I was feeling quite fatigued with everything on the internet as well, so I feel ya. However, the thought of creating content (instead of just consuming it) has reinvigorated me with the internet. Now I just need to figure out what content people want the most.

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What do you want the most?

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Vlog cat parts in your local area.

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That would make a great sidebar ad. Find cat parts near you

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Compiled history of the world. Like picking some event and then seeing why it happened. (Because of other events that I also would like to know why they happened.) For example personal computing. Why it happened, what made it happen and so on. History is kind of all over the place and hard to track down. I'm interested in the causation of history.

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Your mom!

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1) make scat porn

2) compile a list of all jewish crimes to date

3) develop a new religion

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1) As long as you're happy with it being my scat 2) I hope you're not in the UK - 30 year minimum for that comment alone 3) Religions are so pase these days, can't I just make a cult and call it a day?

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Sure, cults and religions are basically the same thing. They're both just used as a tax havens

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Live streaming of executions of traitors and invaders of America... with discount tickets for popcorn delivered to your home with every AK47 or AR15 order....