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Piracy. Think about it. Somalian pirates. Do you think those Somalians actually want to be pirates? No, they don't but their recourse to other livelihoods has been denied. Their pitiful little boats stand no chance against most larger vessels these days, especailly when the crew are armed.

The term is used to warp the mind of the electorate and to make themselves seem like the good guys. The same way Leftists start accusing others of being 'Nazis'.


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D'aww the poor somalians can't stop fucking and overpopulating.

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There was a documentary about it. Their means of existence was taken away so they resort to whatever they can. In similar circumstances, you might do the same yourself.


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They want to be doctors and scientists but evil, racist white people won't give them free education. 70 IQ doctors and scientists are great. White people are just racist.