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I personally think the f1 & h1b programs need to be shut down as well. No more pajeets stealing our jobs. More seats open for college students looking for middle class jobs.


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Companies just use the H1B visa program to import low wage tech workers. It's not good for US tech workers and not good for the foreigners coming here either as they're treated like indentured servants. The whole H1B program needs deleted.

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I have only seen the H-1B visa program used appropriately by one company. We lived in an extremely rural area, and the company needed engineers. They interviewed well over a year and made offers which no one accepted because of the location. This particular company happens to have factories in other countries. They extended an offer to one of their Irish employees to work at their rural US plant. Irish employee accepted... don't think he quite understood just how big the u.s. is nor just how far from any major metro that village was. I believe the wages were comparable.

Tell me fellow goats how you feel about this scenario. I promise it is true.

Edit: this is an on going problem for them if there are any out of work industrial/mech engineers with a background in quality here willing to move to the backwoods.


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I'm in my junior year of Industrial engineering and my goal is to move somewhere extremely rural. I wouldn't dream of asking you to dox yourself but would gladly apply to your company upon graduation.


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Personally, I feel like it's an annoying advantage that a global company can offer to move a worker (that's an advantage that the American Only company does not have). On top of that I'm wondering if the pay was enough to lure anybody out there? Throw enough money at the problem and you'll probably catch somebody.

any out of work industrial/mech engineers with a background in quality

If it was just a clerical position I'd be there. Have maintained the books on a large welding project (>20k welds) before, but couldn't tell the difference between a good weld and a shit job. Paid better then IT and I liked the people a lot more.


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Two of my friends companies stopped renewing their H1Bs and they were both major abusers of that system. Maybe (hopefully) something is changing with that.


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That's not really stopping much. As long as infosys, tata, etc. are able to pull the majority of workers and then use them as consultants nothing is changing there.


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More than likely they have better remote communication set up to monitor them working over there so less need to bring them here. Just ship an experienced dev over once in a while to directly monitor


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Companies will outsource anyways.


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If that was the case they would be doing it right now. There are tons of jobs which need warm bodies here, and are filled by pajeets.


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No they wont. Since the whole point of outsourcing is reimporting, once theyre not allowed to reimport, outsourcing will not be considered profitable and will stop.

Imports and trade in general should only be allowed for goods which the local markets can not produce for some reason other than current profitability. As soon as there is no import, everything will become profitable to produce locally if there is local demand.


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Corporations need to not be a thing.

Companies are just fine, and work to the benefit of their communities.