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Be careful where you sling that false dichotomy of conservative v. liberal. It tends to make a mess of things rather quickly.

To answer your question though, I guess I'm a modern Jeffersonian Democrat.

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It is vague and pigeonholing people into others preconceived notions about political beliefs does nothing to stimulation conversation and solve problems. People my get what OP is talking about but that only serves to narrow the conversation down a path that has proven to be unproductive in American politics. Why continue a line of reasoning that gets you nowhere?

If an individual wants to support an fiscally conservative candidate who prefers low tax rates, strongly supports the Second Amendment, has pledged to decriminalize marijuana, and wants everyone to have the right to marry the partner of their choice, is that person a Liberal or a Conservative?


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Well I meant this site as a whole, but I'm enjoying seeing your guys' personal view too. For an American, just asking of conservative vs liberal is the easiest way to ask, even though there are many options for what someone can be, but I get what you mean about that.