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I have had an XPS laptop and they are fucking trash. If you aren't going to get something from ASUS then I would get Thinkpad.

Outlets are everywhere. I have an ASUS gaming laptop from about 4 years back now and even then I wasn't far from a plug. That thing required a plug or it lasted like 2 hours.

Also I think thinkpad has better linux support as far as drivers and such.

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Second this. Lenovo build quality is very good.

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I have an ASUS now and the quality is pretty rubbish. My laptop before this was also an ASUS and the keyboard was trash. Definitely leaning toward the ThinkPad, thanks.

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Well you have to spend like 1500 plus and get the ROG series to get a quality ASUS build.

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No USB-C? Bye Felicia. Seriously though what the fuck.

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Holy fucksticks, what makes you think you need almost $2k in hardware for web development?

I favor Dell for practical reasons - they're usually easy to open up and parts are simple to replace. Go get a refurbished Dell laptop for $750 and you'll have more power than you could possibly need. Double up on RAM, maybe, but even with that upgrade you're south of $1000.

But you need to take a serious look at your needs and consider how practical you're being. That's a ton of money to drop for some high performance hardware - and it's certainly much more than you need. Do you want something lightweight and portable? Do you want gaming power? There are better ways to achieve these ends.

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Haha I should have mentioned I do want to do some 3d modelling as well. Even daily use now my current laptop isn't always up to the task so I want some juice so that it's not freezing up - which is something I have to deal with at the moment.

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It sounds like you have two goals that are pulling you in separate directions. Let me offer two solutions:

A - GET A BIG HEAVY LAPTOP. If you need power for something like 3D renders, you can only really find that in a larger frame. Get something like a refurbished Dell Precision and drop in some new RAM, maybe an improved graphics card. If you drop $750 on the laptop and another $500 on graphics, you'll have plenty of power in a portable frame while still staying well under your budget.

Upsides to this would be that a larger frame can handle heat better, and you'll be able to do everything you wanted in a single purchase. Downside to this is that you'll be lugging a big heavy workstation around, and you'll likely be tethered to your power supply for anything more than an hour or two.

B - GET A TOWER AND A CHROMEBOOK. You want portability and power, but these two things are so exclusive that you should consider separating them. A Chromebook or some other ultralight laptop with minimal specs would be cheap and easy to carry, then you could leave the tower in your dorm and remotely access it for all the heavy lifting you need to do. Spend $200 on an ultralight and put the rest of your budget into a tower with nice specs.

Upsides to this would be better performance in both areas: less weight in the laptop and more horsepower in the tower than you'd have been able to get if you'd tried to cram both of those features in a single unit. Downsides would be the increase in complexity and the dependence on an internet connection.

Personally, I chose the A route and it worked out about as I'd expected. The weight wasn't a big complaint but I didn't like being stuck to a power cord all the time. If you do choose the B route, make sure to get all the kinks in your remote access system figured out, and have the expertise to fix it when more problems arise. I would also mention that having a tower permanently running would be a great way to start hosting your files and testing the web dev side of things for yourself.

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Because of mockups like aframe.io.

And JavaScript has taken the web to new levels...but can take a lot of resources.

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You're not wrong, but I disagree that these things require quite the hardware OP was considering.

I mean don't get me wrong, they're nice laptops and if OP has that much money to throw around then I hope he enjoys it - but when I was in college I considered a $750 laptop to be outside my budget.

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As long as it ain't a Mac.

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Will never buy a mac

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Thinkpad because it has an ethernet port and the XPS does not.

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Not a techy geek but my friend bought a Lenovo and loves it. I don't know what type tho fyi

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Shocked no one mentioned a ryzen Apu based laptop. The envy x360 strikes a nice balance of processor and gaming chops

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Touchscreen and no ethernet? Two instant disqualifications.

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Ethernet I get but you don't have to use the touchscreen. Hopefully the next refresh will include as more oems are onboard this round

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Damn, not bad. And reasonably priced

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Yes indeed. Only knocks on it are the mechanical drive and lack of Ethernet.

Acer also has the 2700U version with Vega10 (vs 8 on the 2500U) for 950 MSRP AND 512 SSD. They also offer the 2500u with a 256ssd for $750 msrp

Amazon has it for 865 and 690 respectively (replace Jeff bezos with Amazon as I think voat blocks those links)


Still no Ethernet but if you're docked at workstation it's a moot point through the USB c.

AMD showed off the next gen mobile apu last week at one of those tech shows and this time around had a significantly more comprehensive lineup of oem systems if you're willing to hold out a bit longer. Hopefully addresses the gripe of Ethernet

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build one on newegg

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