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I only have experience with Autodesk:

I would suggest for graphic cards to look in to the Autodesk Certified Hardware site. There you can look per version that you are interested on and OS as well.

For other specifics on the computer I would have suggested what you already shared with the system requirements. Just remember that that version (2014) is no longer supported in case you need support from Autodesk to assist with the installation or product usage.

If you don't have the installation for the suite in question you can request the download links for the installation files from them, you can call them or you can open a chat from any Autodesk website.

Also, I know that the 4K monitors have given display issues with versions prior to 2017 so you would need to consider that as well.

If you have any question about the software that I can help with let me know, as I said, I only have experience with Autodesk ;) Good luck.

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thanks man, i might just do that. i've got legit usb's of '13 and '14 so all i need is an auth code. hopefully. i figure 3dsmax and Premiere would be the ones to maximize for. requirements for everything else (acad, pshop, illustrator) would essentially be covered by the first two.

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No problem, if you have any more questions let me know.

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Has the stress analysis tool been improved over the recent years, in terms of speed and accuracy?

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It seems you have either an AutoCAD Inventor Suite 2014 or a Product Design Suite (standard, premium or ultimate) 2014.

The stress analysis tool for Inventor has been improved but still remains quite basic in it's features. Nastran provides a better analysis for that matter. I would suggest that you read on this site about the comparison they make of both of the programs. https://www.manandmachine.co.uk/inventor-stress-analysis-vs-nastran-cad/

If you have the PDS 2014 (s, p or u) those packages are no longer for sale. Autodesk has moved from selling perpetual licenses to a subscription base service and now packages of the like are called Collections. The Product Design & Manufacturing Collections is the package that you probably would be more interested in looking into as it has both Inventor Professional and Nastran included on it. So you can use both softwares to do the stress analysis you are interested on.

Though the subscription service base the company went for in the past 2-3 years has alot of good things the main downside most of the people I have talked with is the fact that is no longer a 1 time payment but a continuous charge per amount of time you requested the subscription for (month, quarter, yearly, three years).