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Some war industrialists are upset that Trump wants to cancel all of the war exercises on the Korean peninsula, citing costs to the USA as a reason.

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true colors showing vibrantly today amongst war criminals and fear-peddling neocons. the minute we stop spending money on war all sorts of 'peaceful' politicians speak out against it.

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What exactly did he give them? At least, that can't be turned around in a millisecond if they start getting nukey again?

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He gave Kim a handshake and that's where the Democrats draw the line.

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Was he supposed to kneel before him like Obama would have?

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He was supposed to take it up the ass in support of gay fag month

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He announced that he is suspending military exercises on the peninsula. He also gave that flea a spot on the world stage instead of treating him like a limp dick fat faggot.

I answered because you asked the question. I don't think the sky is falling. I like to think that Trump is engaging in more of a 'keep your friends close, but your enemies closer' sort of deal.

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Pulling the troops was the ONE thing they have been fighting for, for generations. We can put them back tomorrow. It's a sign of good faith, and the BEST one. Those troops weren't there to actually STOP a war, they were there as a symbol that America is ready to attack. It raised tensions for decades on the north. Moving the troops of his own accord was the best olive branch he could have given. And giving him the world stage makes him publicly responsible for his words and actions now. He can't fake news people if he's the one on stage saying things. This should have been done when his dad was alive.

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Kim can fake all the news he wants to his isolated people. How is Fake News the #1 enemy to the USA, yet not to North Korea?

Q: How will the North Korean people even know what happens on the world stage?

A: They do not.

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MSM wasn’t saying anything like this when we normalized trade with China.. Tiananmen Square? Plus loads of other human rights violations.

The narrative was that once they got into the capitalist system, communism would fall to the wayside.

Not really how it worked out though..

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Right! That's not really how it worked out. Should we applaud another meeting with/the elevation of an overlord of a subjugated populace?

How does this jive with America First?

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I read that is what they're saying. But it doesn't make sense to me. Like what is the alternative? Assassinate everyone in power in NK and help south korea absorb the country, hoping everything will some how work out?

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If you cats were smart you'd buy real estate in North Korea. Trump turned the shittiest part of NY into a place for all the beautiful people. He's gonna do that with NK. Hey they're chinks, they ain't niggers, so it won't be long before they become South Korea, phase 2. You gotta go there before all the elites start buying up the place.

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Or wait and buy prime property in Seoul whenthe South has a huge economic collapse when they have to rebuild NK.

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Everyone is quick to criticize Trump, but none can offer a workable solution, they all claim it cant be done and now they have been proved wrong then they have to whine to remain relevant. Those that want the agreement to fail are showing their true colors. They are against peace.

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US foreign policy is keep NK as an enemy so that they could have an excuse to remain in the region with their huge military presense threatening both Russia and China and keeping SK and Japan as vassal states.

Trump went against that. Not sure if he did it consciously or on purpose. Either way, as a European, I see it as a positive development. Fuck the war hawks.

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You're expecting logical consistency from modern progressives. Don't, you'll only give yourself a headache.

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