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Some of them, you can.

Member when Ubuntu had their own mobile OS? On certain phones and tablets you could replace Android with Ubuntu Mobile.

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I am told that phone OS's dont have hardware recognition software so any 3rd party system must be made to fit a specific phone, but don't quote me on this.

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Phones are very specialized devices and their drivers are not always released in a way that would make them capable of easily running another OS other than the one shipped with them. Because Android is based on Linux it is a little easier in that ecosystem to have alternate OS but they are still generally just variations of Linux or Android. The more popular/generic a device is, the more possibility someone has come up with a way to install something else. I find that many mainstream devices have good working versions of more recent Android releases available on xda-developers.com way before manufacturers release newer versions. In many cases these versions are far superior to them ones the manufacturer ever gets around to releasing.

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pretty sure you could if you wanted to. At least on the android phones.

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It just got a whole lot easier. There is an open port on most Androids that gives you instant root access.

adb and port 5555 should be all you need to put on lineageOS

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If all you want is to be rid of bloatware and pre-installed useless crap you can install stock / vanilla android, but as I understand it you must find the version that is custom-built for that exact model of phone. Cyanogenmod was a good option but they got shut down for some reason.

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They got shut down because they were a peanut gallery of 14 year old boys who compiled a bunch of other peoples work, didnt have the first fucking clue how to make the shit actually work hence the lack of any level of support on it, then started hammering nails into coffins by repeatedly sucking chinese OEMS who hadnt done their research into signing them up to design custom oem roms for them... only to be sacked weeks later after producing nothing but embarrassing hot air and the oem finding out who they were actually dealing with.

The fact you dont realise its now called 'lineage' shows their rebrand to pretend theyre something else worked.

Tl dr cyano worked moldly ok on well supported hardware where everyone else who wasnt CM figured out how to fix shit. Anything lower tier and while they would constantly bang on about supporting the phone... they abso fucking lutely did not outside of identical unstable incompatible builds just renamed to match a phone model. They were frauds who got away with it because they were kids.

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Its possible. Would need to do your research and check compatability. If youve never done it be very careful. Lineage OS, Paranoid Android, SlimROMs, Resurrection Remix and Dirty Unicorns are some of the better ones according to people who have done it. I prefer to root and then disable google and other crap apps one at a time until I know it fuctions to my needs then uninstall the the apps after thorough testing. The "roms" or OS's will have advantages and disadvantages. You could possibly brick the device if something goes wrong or due to incompatability rendering the device useless. Theres always that risk even when rooting. Also it may void mfr and dealer warranty. Read a lot and get a good understanding of the process before you do anything

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