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Drop the M.2 to a regular SSD (860 EVO for example) and either go with a 500-512 GB one or use a 250 GB still and add a 1-2 TB HD. You will want it if you plan to game since 250 GB will fill up fast. The extra speed of the M.2 is not going to be that noticeable. Personally I would do a 500-512 GB SATA SSD. HD for mass storage are cheap and easily added later ($40-50 any day for 1 TB).

Find a way to up the Memory to 16 GB (2x8) from the start if possible. Many games now run tons better on over 8 GB. On top of it, if you do use the on-board GPU you will lose the 2 GB RAM to it meaning your 8 GB becomes 6 GB.

All in All, I think you may be OK with this as a starter but without changes you will want memory, more storage, and a graphics card pretty soon. The on-board is going to be disappointing and the 7750 is about the same as an RX550 or GT1030 in current gen.

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Drop the M.2 to a regular SSD

Shit I can get double the capacity with a SATA SSD than the M.2. Thanks for the tip!

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agreed with squarebob about switching to SSD to save $, but don't worry about adding additional HDD for now. And when you do need more space, you actually might wanna consider just using an external, as they're almost the same price nowadays, and that way you can always keep it, even after you throw away the PC and later tech comes out; can always keep that external and all the data on it, without need for transferring everything

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Obviously put the OS on your SSD. Also use it for any games and programs which you use a lot and could use the extra speed. I see below that you have some HDDs going in it, so I'd hold off on larger HDDs until you need them.

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Two recent releases Frostpunk and Battletech both required me to free up some memory. Battletech can get by with my 8G if I close my browser and anything else that uses a browser engine to draw things. Frostpunk however forced me to do that and enable a paging file so it could even start a game. It will allocate 10-12G at the start of a game. Therefore I also suggest 16G today.

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Maybe I should be clearer. There are quite a few games now that run much better with over 8 GB system memory. Video Memory rarely comes close to that without multiple monitors or very high resolution. I can tell you from personal experience that Battlefield 1 will run OK on 8 GB system memory but does much better on more, even though the utilization on my video memory is at most 5 GB and only when I am running highest settings on multiple 1080p monitors.

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Good suggestion here. I have both the M2 and SATA SSDs and there is no real world noticeable difference in performance.

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The only time I have seen someone really notice the difference is in large media production on a machine specifically built for that. M.2 is a form factor. Some run on SATA and some run PCI-E (the faster and more expensive option).

The move to an SSD is more than enough for most people and a few fractions of a second here and there will never b noticed.. My old Dell i7 runs 500 times faster with 2 SSD in it than even the 7200 RPM disks that were in it.

That being said, I want to move to M.2 for my next machine just to get rid of more cables. And they are fantastic for HTPC or small networking devices in a home.

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Huge hard drive for all the porn.

10 TB might be enough.. might.

on a more serious note. seriously need a big hard drive.


I always plug in specs in https://pcpartpicker.com/ to validate build.

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Im on a budget $400 but want an ssd. I also have two regular HDs 500gb and 300gb which will also be installed. I mostly want windows to be fast for work.

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Suggestion to add 7200 rpm hard drive(s) for storage.

SSD is great investment. well worth it.

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Not sure if it was clearly stated yet. If you want some easy optimization, keep your operating system on the SSD(master) and keep it as bare/empty as you can. Keep everything else on the HDD(slave). If HDD is usb 3 compatible and plugged into usb 3 sata port on MB, shit transfers fast.

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2 tb hard drives cost $55-70, just add them as needed IMO.

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I use an SSD for for the OS alone, so that Windoze (7 Pro) can have its own little playground, with all my games and programs on a 1TB drive with a second TB drive for backups and storage. Works pretty well and I have no qualms about nuking the OS drive.

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Don't know card specs and don't care to look up but most games are using 6 gigs of Vram on cards at just High settings. Whatever you do in the graphics department makes sure to get as much video memory as you can on it.

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My GPU now has 1g or DDR5. The only game I cant play at all is PUBG. I can play fortnight fine, at lower settings. The on board APU of the Ryzen uses 2g of system ram. Like I said I dont need cutting edge graphics just smooth game play. Im not opposed to lowering graphics for more FPS.

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That will not be enough for newer titles. That is what I am getting at. You can ignore me, that's fine, but when you can't run anything at even low because the lowest texture size is still over 1 gig of data don't come on here asking why, you have your answer.

You probably can't run pubg because your vram is filled up and texture have no space to load into memory. This is a common issue with Pubg and will only get worse.

Hell my 3 year old card has 4 gigs on it and I was starting to run into this issue on high settings. I went to an 8 gig card and now I see games using up to 6 gigs. You will quickly run into this issue.

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i'll sell you a gtx 960 gpu $100 you will be able to play if not all games on ultra 1080p I play doom on ultra around 40fps average

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Well it aint for gaming or video editing, except light use.

I would go on cpu passmark and see a value chart, otherwise it's fine. Motherboard I would just get the cheapest that has all I need.

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Off the top of my head, seems like a good build to me. nothing in particular comes into mind. Samsung SSDs are usually very good in my experience.

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Samsung hardware is usually very good.

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I am a samsung fanboy. Have TV and Cells. Also do warranty repair work on the TVs.

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As long as you don't need the PCI-E slot covering the M2_1 port, then installing your SSD in M2_1 will give you full speed from the 970 EVO @ SATA3.3 speeds. If you are forced to use M2_2 you might not utilize the full bandwidth of the SSD, which is a large factor in it's price premium.

I highly recommend you invest in more RAM, today. I built my most recent system with 64 GB (16x4) and can expand that another 64GB in an additional 16x4 for a total of 128GB. While I don't think everyone needs this much RAM, even games like Star Citizen sometimes load up literally 18-30GB of RAM if they have it at their disposal, so I while I expected 64GB to be a bit overkill I've actually utilized up to 50GB at once on rare occasions and may need to consider adding the other 64GB sooner than I thought.

If the budget is very sharp, I would keep the RAM and invest in a slightly better processor. AMD scales far better than Intel on their processors speed to cost value. If you can squeeze anything out of that to get to a R5 at the minimum you will get noticeable returns for everyday use.

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Ram is do damn expensive. I figured get 8 now, which is what im currently running DDR2 at that. So I figured I could get by at 8g. The mother board I chose can go up to 64gb and has 4 slots, so I can buy another 8g later.

Edit: So should I spend the extra $60 and get a 2400g instead of the 2200g?

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Ok. But bare minimum get a single 8GB stick so you can at least get to 32GB in the future without losing the capital investment.

I would go as high on the CPU as you can afford, it will do the majority of your heavy lifting.

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The speed isn't as big a factor in RAM as the timing on the ram is. 3200 is probably overkill. I'd recommend looking at something more around 2666 MHZ, but then also has a low timing, which has to do with latency or something. My Corsair Vegeance LEDs are timed at 16-18-18-18-35. That's not on the box, or even advertised from what I've seen, you need to dig for RAM timings. I guess my timings are on the slower side? But I don't know a lot about that, just that I found out about RAM timing after I bought it.

RAM is too expensive to not think about these things before pulling the trigger. Good luck

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@rellik88 Don't be afraid to buy used parts. If you buy last gen used parts they will still be good for years, and you could build a monster gaming rig for the same money. PM if you need any assistance with finding parts or putting it together. I've got a good chunk of experience with this and I used to work at a specialty computer store.

Please message me, your current listed build will barely improve performance over just throwing an SSD into your current rig.

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I used this guide when I built my current PC a few years ago:


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