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Because dirty rat-faced jew.

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Because the guy doesn't create anything, he just steals it from more talented creators and cobbles it together.

Take his TV show Alias, stylistically, the characters, the clothing, the "look" ,the scene layouts are ripped off without any changes from Tom Tykwer's Lola Rent. .

Even his "Bad Robot" trademark animation is stolen verbatim from a Japanese graphic designer's product card from the 1980's that appeared in a couple of stock sample books.

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He was mad that people stopped caring about Lost.

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That might actually be the closest to the truth.

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Because jews hate white people.

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Money.Biggest argument of them all (aside from pussy that is).

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Jews want to ruin the goy's excitement and interest for space.

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Shekels. He gets paid either way. Milk it for everything.

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The white boy hero arc.