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Etruscans. Probably.

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See that's my thinking because they left behind crude iron weapons that only people from mainland europe would have access to the ingredients for without trade. And a lot of Roman history from the early Monarchy and before seems oddly absent. Not for nefarious reasons, just they went through a phase with the death of Lucretia revolt where they rejected everything old.

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My best guess is that they actually were several different tribes from Asia Minor that invaded in subsequent waves - each motivates by the success of the previous one.

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I thought they were the Phoenicians

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In the archaeological record, many islands in the Mediterranean show a transition from coastal building to fortified structures on the high ground during the bronze age apocalyspe so we can conclude, the sea people were not indigenous to any of those islands.

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Good catch! So who do you think they were?

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im not sayin it was aliens, but...

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Sardinians- nuragics

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Some claim they are the philistines from the Jews bible.

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Fringe theory. There's a lot of confusion about the philistines. It's possible they were the Hebrews. It's complicated.

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I know! LOL That's why I brought it up. Another that I've heard was that it might actually have been Etrians.

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The Phillistines were Greeks and the "SeaPeople" were also greeks more specifically the Minoans after the collapse of their civilization and the small ice age that began to hit Europe at the time.

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It has often been theorized that they came from Anatolia or Southern Europe, and it is thought that they invaded Canaan, Syria, Anatolia, Cyprus, and Egypt at the end of the Bronze Age.



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Probably the Russians again

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