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They didn't even make any real innovations in The last 20 yrs. Mines a 2001 and there isn't any bells and whistles new cars have that I wish mine had. No I don't care if my phone doesn't hook up to the car, no I don't need an in dash gps, no I don't want to watch movies on the dashboard so I can die while driving, no I don't want drive by wire assasaination system.

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Mine has a blow up doll that gives me head on the way to work.

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certified pre owned?

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Doesn't it's mustache tickle and distract you though?

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Did you hear about the new Muslim blow up dolls? They blow themselves up.

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Better than that Takata air bag that tried to fucking kill me!

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After driving work vehicles with a backup camera it is a great feature to have.

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back up cameras are shit. You have mirrors for a reason.

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You know you can buy a backup camera for under $100?

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I use the ability of my neck to swivel but to each their own.

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I had a 2000 crown vic, I did stuff to it so it didnt look all police. Well maintained and took care of it until it got rear ended last year.

Bought a 2005 Jeep with the insurance payout. Spent some extra money on brakes, suspension and other stuff it needed.

Both great rides and I use them for commuting to work.

I also financed a 2010 Subaru, within 8 months the engine blew. Bought it because I needed a second vehicle. Warranty refused to repair because I didnt get 1 oil change with them.

So then I'm stuck with a 10k car note with a paperweight. Talked to a different Subaru dealership they agreed to take the car on the condition I buy new or lease.

They paid the balance on the load, free and clear from that but now I have a 2016 Subaru lease.

I have 1 year left on the lease, and honestly I just hate the car. Theres just so many complaints about it. Cant wait to turn it in, then just buy an older car as a backup.

Ive looked at turning it in early a couple times, still might end up doing that.

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Yep, Subarus are notorious for needing head gasket replacements. I'm currently dealing with that headache. The thing is, if you don't do it, the engine will likely blow. Leading to an engine replacement that would probably cost around $4,500, $3,600 for a refurbished engine and $900 for installation. Luckily, my Subaru is paid off, but replacing the head gasket is going to be at least $1,500 to fix and I've looked into doing it on my own, but there's just no way. Even after paying for all the tools and dealing with the headache of where does that bolt go again? I would likely be left with a broken engine.

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I also have a 2K-P71. I have been sitting on it and I really don't know why. I have been thinking about selling it off to pick up a highboy. Vics go for so low around here that I'll probably have to wait till a few more wackers smash their rides.

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My newest car has adaptive cruise. I drive 2+ hours a day, it’s the best

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Can be good depending on the car. My folks have a Lexus with adaptive cruise and the thing is too damn sensitive (it detects cars that are too far away), and too generous with the brakes. Some vehicles do it right but whenever I have to drive that car I'm forced to keep cruise control off.

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I have to say, out of all the electronic gadgetry over the last several years, adaptive cruise control is the best invention yet. I drove a 100 mile trip the other day on the freeway and never had to touch the brake or accelerator pedal until I exited the freeway. Amazing how well it works. Wife's 2017 Ford Edge. (paid off)

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man i want that feature so bad! Had a 2018 subaru impreza rental the other day and it had this AND lane drift assist which will actually turn the wheel for you when you start to drift too close to the lines, was awesome but I couldnt stop playing with it.

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The cars in the driveways in the rich neighborhood belonged to the children who lived there. The cars in the garage are probably a lot nicer.

I recently paid cash for a 10-year old car to replace the car I leased new three years ago. Much better decision. Wish I knew then what I know now.

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I've found the sweet spot is to find cars 4-7 years old with less than average miles on them where people have had a chance to use the models of car for that long and find the weak points if they have any, they usually become very evident after that long if the model is reliable or a lemon. Cars with low maintenance costs > everything else, you pay a little more on the front end but you save repairs that cost you $2000+ so you come out ahead in the long run. Had my last car for 11 years and ran the sucker into the ground with minimal costs and had my new one for 2 1/2 years with almost no problems as well.

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I liked a specific model that had all of the features I was looking for. It has a major engine issue, and it's a brand that has expensive maintenance, but I knew that going in and I'm ready for like $3k+ in repairs every year, and willing to roll the dice on a major engine repair. I've been learning how to fix everything outside of the engine so hopefully it works out. Because the potential engine issue is now well known, the purchase price was significantly lower than other models from other brands that didn't even necessarily have what I was looking for.

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It looks like poor/ghetto people think a car is more important than owning equity in a home. On the other hand the home owners in the upscale neighborhood will be 1 mil richer in several years when their prime real estate doubles in value.

reminds me of a story.... i remember being about 11 and i was with my dad going to work with him. he was old school and would rather take me to his job to lead by example rather than hire a 16 year old girl to raise me. it was often boring but i would do sorting of mail, or dust mop or talk to the fleet mechanic who would show me stuff about deisels.

anyway. when we were driving on the way to his work, it was maybe 6 in the morning, we had to drive through a ghetto area to get to the highway that got us to the plant....i vividly remember saing to my dad, "this is a weird area....all the cars are new and nice, but the yards and streets and house are junky"

without out missing a beat, my dad turned the AM news station down and said "thats because this is where niggers live, they only care about things that dont matter"

ill never forget that.

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Where I live there are still many 70's, 80's and 90's vehicles on the road, and yes, I like seeing them. I always tell these younger people to find an old vehicle, restore it instead of buying this new junk

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Sitting in a paid off house, have enough money in the bank to buy something newer, and spent the day replacing the front suspension of my 95 Honda. It only has 150k and still runs like a raped ape, so dropping $500 in parts into a $500 car doesn't bother me a bit. That's half a cent a mile, compared to the 25 cents a mile I'd pay in depreciation for a new one.

Plus, it has a cool anti-theft system. Niggers can't drive five speeds.

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Those Honda's are actually good vehicles. I prefer a stick to an auto. Most guys here where I live do. Especially if I go off-road. Fuck an automatic.

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I personally prefer older cars since they don't have all that bs abs safety bullshit. They also get the same mpg as the new Shiney ones though they don't have all the comforts. One of the things my father and mechanic told me was its better to drive an older car that's paid off than get a new car that'll have problems due to the newer tech. Plus being able to see my engine is nice. I also have paid for all the cRs I've owned with cash the same day. Feels nice.

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Mine has ABS, ATC, and ASC. I hate it all. All those systems do is just stab the brakes and wear them out faster.

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I've done this multiple times and it's not as great as it seems. You either do all the labor yourself and spend tons of free time working on your car or you pay so much in maintenance you would've been better off buying a 3-5 year old car instead. Little things like weatherstripping, shift knob boots, etc. will usually run you a few hundred. And consumables like brake discs and fluids aren't really any cheaper imo than a newer car. Then you usually have more involved stuff like suspension, bushings, and wheel hub bearings that start to wear out and need replacement, again, at the same price as a newer car.

I'd definitely go this route for future collectors cars though.

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At keast I can work on older cars. They make the newer ones so that you almost have to take it to a mechanic. and you can find cheap parts at junkyards and online. In my experience it was way cheaper than newer stuff, like wheel bearings and whatnot on newer vehicles.

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Yeah I have to press out a fucking wheel bearing or two this weekend... I have no car payments but NAPA makes my money anyway

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I'm right there with you. I'm looking to lease for my next vehicle. No need to worry about maintenance or being underwater on a loan. Plus lease payments are less than buying payments.

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Having done some older car restoring, I dont actually agree.

Dont get me wrong, I intend to do it again, and I have an old hulk already picked out for a total refurbishment. I am doing it because I like the looks and engineering of what I am building, things which arent available anymore, but I will spend at least half of the value of a new car rebuilding this thing, not counting the countless man hours. Paint and bodywork is expensive.

Not to mention older cars are not very safe, got to get into the 90s for some of the features.

Now, doing basic repairs and maintenance to squeeze an extra 100k miles out of a ~15-20 year old vehicle, that I highly recommend.

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I don't mean rare vehicles or whatever. I'm talking about average 70's or 80's vehicles. There's millions of them in junkyards---parts galore. I've done it time and again. Some of those cars are safer than the new plastic cars.

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Nigger logic: "You can sleep in a car, but you can't drive a house."

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WRONG, what is an RV for 200 Alex. Nigger logic BTFO

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Well, that is correct.

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That's a rude name to call your wife.

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Mine doesn’t have a radio hahaha

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So you’re that asshole with the beats headphones on,stopped at a green light that I kept honking at to no avail yesterday

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A car is simply a motor with a seat and four wheels, to get from point A to point B, any "innovations" in the last 30 years are almost irrelevant.

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I had a 1976 Jaguar with a Detroit engine (454) and tranny. They only thing that ever broke down was the engine and tranny. Fuck GMC.

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The gmc's with the duramax diesel and alison trannies are excellent.

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