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The problem with many gays is that they started off as damaged goods. I don’t have problems with normal gays because they don’t shove it your face. They also tend to be live and let live.

It’s the ones that have the same sickness as feminists and SJWs who want equal rights and yet still be treated as a special class that cause the problems.

As for your main question, somebody else already gave a good history of this. People also forget that the Greeks had a strong history of gay relationships that which probably carried over into parts of the Roman Empire. Sexual favors for social advancement is not just a female mechanism.

Today, gay pride is just rub it in your face event.

I give a shit what adults with adults do in their own homes but when it’s pushed in my face is another matter.

More people need to stand up and just say no.


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Don't ask don't tell.

Go back to the closet or get thrown off the roof.

We can learn from ISIS the correct way to deal with faggots.


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Normal gay : pick one.