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Gay pride parades are actually very interesting. They are held worldwide annually around the time of the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. The police had routinely been raiding gay bars to fuck with faggots, and one day gays just got sick of it and spontaneously collectivized and drove the police off. This is how and when "being gay" became an identity and a community. Authorities oppressed people with certain characteristics, you see someone who is similar to yourself being oppressed and think "That could be me", and suddenly you're all bound together fighting to defend yourself from oppression.

After the Stonewall riots, gays collectively said, "Look, we're all going to make ourselves totally ungovernable and cause you all sorts of problems unless you authorities start leaving us alone." Since the people always outnumber the police, even the faggots, politicians either had to start a war against faggots and watch their police get humiliated more and more, or else just leave the faggots alone in their faggotry.

The Gay Pride parades aren't primarily a celebration of being gay or anything, that's just the secondary purpose to get more people to show up. The parades are primarily a SHOW OF FORCE AND ORGANIZATION. The parades are a message to politicians that Stonewall can happen again. All those faggots out dancing around could group up and burn your city down if you fuck with them.

Everyone fighting any government oppression would do well to learn from these faggots. Too often you see protesters just yell and throw stuff at a wall of police and then go home, accomplishing nothing, changing nothing. The only way to stop the oppression is to break the wall of police and send them all running home. Then you go to the negotiating table from a position of strength and say, "Leave us alone or we'll do it again." And you hold annual rallies as a reminder.


[–] auralsects 1 points 23 points (+24|-1) ago 

i heard that around the time of the AIDS 'crisis' the city of SF begged them to shut down their bathhouses for the good of public safety, and some 'leader' said they would literally never shut down their bathhouses. which is probably when William f buckley proposed that HIV+ get mandatory buttocks tattoos.

that's what theyre proud of: being the ultimate rebels against society, decency, god etc.


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They go out in public half-naked (sometimes fully), being rude, degenerate, disrespectful, vulgar, .. And then, have the nerve to complain that Trumps language is offensive.. lol

These faggots dig their own grave. I say let them do it.


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This is fucking insightful.


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Underrated post. I wonder to what effect whites could effect the political sphere if they were to rally like that annually.


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MAGA motherfuckers.


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That's actually very cool.