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The system is so fucked up. Thousands of people who volunteer their lives to do the jews bidding, and most don't realize their mistake until it's too late. The jews trap you into tears of service and don't let you out.

It's hard to blame the 17 year olds though. The jews have spent millions in pushing propaganda to create the false picture of patriotism that the men would "fight for"


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Being a soldier is over romanticized in the U.S. Also people who come from "military families" don't need a reason to enlist....its a "tradition".... I'm all for defending our freedom but defining your family as "military" is just insane. Its basing your future on the hopes of more wars. I understand honoring end respecting the dead soldiers but in the end, they fought a rich mans war.....and they were too blind to see it. We need our police officers and soldiers to be "woke" before anyone else BUUUUT they purposefully hire and promote the easy to manipulate, simple minded, will always follow orders type of people and those are the hardest to red pill.