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This isn't true in the way you're implying.

There are radical members of all groups that want to do away with all members of other, similar groups. Consider radical Muslims and Christians, for instance. Also consider groups like the KKK, a subset of whites. There's probably even atheists who think all religious people should no longer exist. Many Republicans want to do away with the Democrats, and many Democrats want to do away with the Republicans, but none of these are representative of everyone in whatever specific group we're talking about (except groups whose sole purpose are things like terrorism, etc). Wanting to create a white ethnostate for this reason just makes it correct that there are a small number of radical whites who feel like a hell-of-a-lot more people are out to get them than is actually true.

Unfortunately, it's easy for peoples' worldviews to get skewed because no one is going to talk about the normal person in any group (who make up the majority). Everyone's going to talk about the radical, loud one, and lots of people thereafter will apply the threatening individual's properties to everyone they associate with. It's one of humanity's flaws, as hyprocritical as that is to say.