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The Jewish high IQ rankings come from cherry picking data. As such, it's not accurate. Apparently their scores come from selectively testing Ashkenazim Jews within private schools. This is why you frequently see it properly labeled as Ashkenazim Jews and not simply Jews. But, people take this to broadly mean Jews and not the top tier of Ashkenazim Jews.

For an equal comparison you'd have to go to high achieving magnet schools and test select whites. The research into this hints that this would render an average IQ of something between 120-135. Which would mean that even the Ashkenazim Jews are not so sharp as their peers.

Additionally, the actual average for Jews is below that of whites. It's the Ashkenazim Jews who actually increase the average for the broad category of Jew. Someone here did some math and broke it down nicely for an estimate. I don't recall the exact numbers. It goes something like this. But it works out, making some conservative assumptions, where the average Jew has an IQ or something in the high 90s. It's the American Jew with an average IQ of roughly 105. And it's the Ashkenazim Jews of Europe and America who have an average of 110 - 115 (depending on source). Though realistically, their number is probably lower when tested properly.

Realistically, anyone declaring Jews are smarter than whites are simply being dishonest. The average Jew is dumber than the average white. There are sub-categories of Jews who are as smart as whites - on average. Apparently, at the top tiers, on average, whites are smarter. Which also bears out given that whites have a broader bell curve. Meaning per capita, there are more genius and retarded whites than any other group. Which then compliments what I've stated above that in the top tiers you will find more whites smarter than Jews - even when adjusted for population.

If we then tie this into the 2% of US Jews. It means you should almost never see any Jew in any top ranking position because statistically they should be almost completely eclipsed by qualifying whites. Anyone declaring whites are not interested in these positions are simply ignorant or lying.