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Because jews are liars.


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When your average IQ is 17-30 points higher than most of the world, you think you can fool everyone. The temptation to lie, cheat and steal is overwhelming. My thesis is the jews are ruling over a vast majority of the world. My reasons are below:

Jews have a higher intelligence than most of the world's aggregate population. This makes them feel empowered as if they have the Ring of Gyges and not vulnerable to repercussions.

Corollary: Jews are long term strategists willing forsake short term gains for long term results.

Jews are expert social engineers working together to hide their misfeasance and will sacrifice their own to further self-interest. The parasites turn a blind eye to further their interests. This is what makes them so dangerous (in my opinion).

Jews are not encumbered by conscience: the end justifies the means. Their own doctrine (TALMUD) allows them to lie, cheat, steal and kill as long as it is justified. Nuclear war is always an option.

Their weakness is they fixate on the goal, losing sight of the damage caused by the unpredictable nature of humans. Because jews think of themselves as smarter than the rest, they overlook the possibility there may be smart goyim who don't like what they are doing. At some point, they get too comfortable with their malfeasance and become sloppy.

The strategy

Deflect jewish privilege to victim (whites).

Distract attention away from jews by appearing to empower minorities and disaffected groups.

Defend victim status and shame your victim with guilt; it's easy; it works and you get benefits without earning them other than claiming victim status. The holocaust is the most note worthy.

Deny jewish involvement.

Deceive using jewish media, propaganda and organizations like ADL and AIPAC

The goal

The Zionist Communist Takeover Of America - 45 Declared Goals

Why I wrote this

I hate being lied to and controlled by others. I don't hate jews; I want to understand who hates me and why. Below stands the result of some of my research. I present why I believe the jews own and control us. Is my research biased? Absolutely yes! I was specifically looking for jewish correlation and connections I wasn't aware of. It's not because of hate, (not that it matters) I wanted to understand why anti-semitism is such a big deal; since I know the media is fake news and propaganda I knew I wouldn't learn anything useful there.

My impression is that Jews are not national: they don't identify with any particular place. When they live in a country, they won't ever identify as citizens of that country, rather they identify as jewish.

The biggest revelation I had was noticing the lack of information regarding details and the lies perpetrated against others to hide the truth. The collusion of many jewish people and organizations is amazing and their tentacles reach across all geographical boundaries and all industries from banking to entertainment and families.

Fortunately, they have not been able to completely control the internet yet. The information is available, but it requires effort to track down. I offer you my curated results so you may see for yourself. I hope you find this useful and informative.

-- Vastrightwing

The research

The criminals

Worth a thousand words.

Worth a thousand words

Prince & Rothschild

jewish privilege


Before the Civil War in the United States 2% of white gentile households owned slaves. 40% of Jewish households owned slaves. Video source. If you didn't know this, it is because schools teach it was white Americans who owned slaves. Hollyweird movies depict images and storylines of Christian slave owners. Never do the jewish slave owners and jewish slave trafficking get mentioned.

"There is not a major Russian organized crime figure whom we are tracking who does not also carry an Israeli passport.'" -US State Dept Jonathan Winer

And because the Russian mob was mostly Jewish, it was a political hot potato. There is nothing "Russian" about the Russian mob as they are jewish.

The deflection is how the entertainment industry associates all gangs and mobs as Italian/Catholic or Russian. My research unfolds a very different narrative.


The crime


After reading some of the links above, it's no surprise so many cultures are anti-semitic. Jews have interacted with every country and culture and left a scar. Makes me wonder about the Black eye club


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No, jews don’t have a high IQ. Why the fuck are you accepting jewish lies on their face?


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Jewish high IQ is a myth.


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Good post, but deporting migrants is not a crime.

NOT deporting culturally inferior, welfare dependent, violent migrants is a crime to your citizens.

But yes, jews are clever and cunning, and we all should strive and learn from their brilliance. Unless you want to remain at the bottom of socioeconomic ladder forever. Jews utilize different ways to gain power and wealth, like how some chose to oppose Trump, some chose to support Trump, etc. They are cunning exploitative opportunist, which is why there will be jews in every industry, every political organization, etc. Sometimes you can take advantage of that if their short term goal happens to benefit you.

Like you said, since jews are wealthy and powerful it is impossible to avoid them if you want to achieve something big (ie. become president). So the likes of Trump/Orban allying with some jews is a necessary evil to stop libtardation since it is very destructive for the future of humanity. Even middle eastern royalty knew that they can't avoid jews... if they want to remain rich and powerful, that is. JFK paid dearly with his life for underestimating jews.


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willingness to commit evil =/= being clever. Anyone can kidnap children and hold them for ransom and black mail people. Jews are brain dead morons who are incapable of reasoning, sentience, logical procession, and cannot argue a rational position with any kind of honesty whatsoever. Fuck the Jewish myth of being 'high IQ' because it's complete and utter bullshit that's immediate to anyone who's ever had the misfortune of interacting with a kike