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the gas chamber walls dont even have traces of poison in them when tested.

the spaces that do have poison in the walls were delousing closets that had full hazmat precautions


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Who needs testing, even? The only gassing chemical ever claimed is Zyklon-b, aka Cyanide, which gets its name from the blue residue it leaves behind on the surfaces it comes in contact with.


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I think they used Raid roach spray.


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There is a lot of conflicting history there that puts the official narrative in question.

Nazis were certainly antisemetic and it’s easy to understand why.

However even narrative positive documentaries cite how Hitler allowed the Jews to leave Germany: hence why so many left and other countries took them in. The narrative calls this TEN YEAR time period: “forced emmigration”. If it was “forced” how were there any left to exterminate?

Next: why build what look much like labor camps to exterminate them in? Why not just exterminate them?

From a pro-Nazi perspective: of Hitler DIDN’T kill 6 million Jews, then what good was he ;-)

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[–] Ocelot ago 

>Next: why build what look much like labor camps to exterminate them in? Why not just exterminate them?

Answering this from the pozzed perspective: "Because the Nazis knew that the rest of the world would be horrified at their evil, so they had to pretend they were labor camps and not extermination camps. Also to trick the poor innocent trusting Jews."


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To understand the extent of holohoax, you need to watch the incident when Merkel cutoff Israel's PM when he said "Hitler didn't want to kill all jews." And how the US goy official immediately condemned Bibi afterwards.

The cabal is real, and the reason why you won't beat it is because the sheer number of goyim working for the cabal. See Trudeau and Clinton? They might look like a goy but they're on globalist paycheck. White supremacists are useful idiots, because they won't have the balls to go after these footsoldiers aka white goyim race traitors. Rothchilds' residence are guarded by a squad of goyim after all.


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I cant find a link for that video clip of Merkel cutting off Israels PM .. you mind sharing your links?


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oh we have the these jewish traitors to us in our sights, dont worry. the white race will not forget how its been scourned, and if it means we have to remove our old guard for treason then so be it.


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That's actually not true. The laboratories the samples were sent to weren't told what to look for, so they didn't look for cyanide.


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wtf kind of response is that

if cyanide had present, it would have been detected and flagged

your "defense" lends even more credence to the holohoax being false


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The jew steps up to the plate and swings and MISSES! oy vey go back to the IDF dugout you hooked nose heeb