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Up until last night, at 11:35pm EST, Imgoat was using CloudFlare as its CDN.

The LetsEncrypt certificate (as mentioned by /u/burgerandchipsthanks) was the original cert used by Imgoat, before switching to CloudFlare's "full SSL (strict)" option (I think CloudFlare uses Comodo, but could be wrong).

You're seeing it now because last night CloudFlare decided, suddenly and without warning, to drop support for Imgoat.

It has nothing to do with letting the certificate expire over a year ago, and more to do with the way the site's set up - Imgoat forces connections to go through HTTPS, so it will display whatever certificate is available, even an expired one. (I've temporarily disabled the HTTPS requirement, let me know if it's working.)

I posted an update here, shortly after everything went south.

To make matters worse, this happened right in the middle of moving Imgoat from it's current host (a dedicated server) to Amazon. I'm guessing that's either really shitty luck, or a deliberate attack. (i.e. upload a bunch of CP, report site to CloudFlare, get site removed). But that's just speculation at this point, can't prove a thing.

tl;dr: the expired certificate is a symptom of a different problem, concomitant with CloudFlare suspending Imgoat without warning.


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Why on God's green earth would you be moving anything to Amazon? That's just setting up shop in the enemy's garage!


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You do realize voat is full of mentally ill and mentally handicapped people, right? No matter how hard you try to explain it, they'll think it's a conspiracy and that you're in on it.

To be frank, I'm not even sure they know what a certificate actually does or how the lack of one (or existence of one) actually changes things. Either way, they'll find a way to blame it on "SS Jews" (and I kid you not), the left, or a shadow government.


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This seems to be a pretty good option. Everyone needs to stop using Cloudflare and GoDaddy.