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Because many Republicans either don't care, or actually subscribe to the abortionist cosmology: that the fetal form of the human organism is not a human being until its mother wants it to be considered such.

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Imagine how many dem voters there would be in 18 years and 9 months if there weren't so many abortions in certain communities?

Also, imagine how much additional welfare money would be needed to pay for all those kids in low-income households?

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Cuckservatives gonna cuck.

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Republican or democrat? Do you really have a choice when both sides are beholden to the Kike? They allow it to exist because the niggers and spics don't abort their kids with free gibs on the line. It's usually whites that go to abortion clinics because they care about the welfare of the child and don't want to bring one into an unstable environment. One again it's the Kikes, it always has been and always will be.