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50 Shades of Grey is popular for a reason.

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Ain't this some shill cuck defeatism or what? The average Swedish woman has no more control over their government than you or I. Yea, blame Swedish women for what Jeiwsh bankers are doing.

You want to see who's importing the refugees?


1,500 rabbis sign letter calling on Trump administration to support refugees


1,000 American rabbis sign letter welcoming Syrian refugees


184 US synagogues pledge to welcome, support refugees


More Than 40 Texas Rabbis Sign Letter Decrying Governor's Stance On Refugee Resettlement


15 Jewish groups call to open doors for refugees


Cleveland Rabbis fight for Syrian refugees in letter to President Trump


With Jewish help, Muslims win right to build Basking Ridge mosque


Rabbi: Jews are fighting alongside their Muslim brothers against Old Europe


Seattle Jews rally for refugees: 'We are not going back to the 1930s'


Chief Rabbi condemns Trumps Muslim ban as totally unacceptable


South Orange synagogues welcome refugee family


Jewish Groups Slam Trump's Draft Order Barring Muslim Refugees


American Rabbis to Congress: Let the Syrian Refugees In


Cambridge synagogue pledges to open arms to refugees - The Boston Globe


Let Refugees In: Beachwood Rabbi Signs Letter Urging Trump To Welcome Refugees


Bay Area Jews join SFO protest against Trumps immigration ban


Rabbis urge David Cameron to speed up refugee scheme


Canadian Jews and Muslims unite to help Syrian refugees


Moved by moral imperative, Canadian synagogues sponsor Syrian refugees


Jewish activist vows solidarity with Muslims in the US


Jewish rights leader to register as Muslim if Trump launches a Muslim registry


White Jews Have A Duty To Stand With Muslims And People Of Color


Protesting on behalf of refugees


Our synagogue is a home for Syrian refugees | Euronews


On refugees, we American Jews will not be bystanders -


Jewish groups say government must do more to house refugee families


Jewish community seeks to aid Muslim refugees


Singing salaam, synagogue hosts a welcome dinner for Syrian refugees


Yes, Jews are making bold, lifesaving efforts to help the refugees - Opinion


Scottsdale rabbi hosts family of Syrian refugees


In Berlin: German Jews, Israelis aid Mideast refugees


As allies of Martin Luther King, Jews must fight for the civil rights of Muslims


Jews with Soviet background protest Trump's ban on Muslim refugees


Jews stand together with Muslim neighbours at Montreal mosque


In the US, we need a Muslim-Jewish alliance ...


Muslim Jewish Advisory Council meets with Trump administration officials


Activist Phoenix rabbi hosts Syrian refugee family for Thanksgiving


US rabbis envy Canadian counterparts chance to welcome refugees


Q&A: Jewish rabbi battles Islamophobia in the US


Minister Rabbi Deri Advances Plan to Take In Syrian Refugees


Rabbis back refugees - The Australian Jewish News


Rabbis retirement gift is home for refugees


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look man, i'm willing to blame the Jews till the cows come home


Swedish women are actively welcoming in third world rapists, and covering it up

They are voting for pro migrant parties

YOu can say 'they are brainwashed', but the fact is that an adult is an adult. They should have the ability to surf the internet and get their own information.

There is no excuse. They are betraying their nation.

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Sure, jews are the main problem. But women are more easily brainwashed, which is a problem aswell. Jews can't vote for themselves. They need brainwashed women to vote for their anti-white sentiments.

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Imagine you are a man, and you are sitting there, in front of the news, and you hear about those poor migrants and all that, and then you see the images and what you see is mostly packs of 16/30/40 something women, like this


Ethnic considerations aside, of course it wouldn't appear to be that a problem overall


And then same situation, but this time you are a woman (or a faggot) and you see this


Same deal I guess

There's something odd with those migrants, the vast majority are military aged men

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It's hard to relate because sheboons of all variety are utterly repulsive.

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hahaha that's because they're military!

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Ethnic considerations aside


it wouldn't appear to be that a problem overall

Yes, it would.

But let's pretend you're right for the sake of argument. Your analogy is not equivalent. Women and men are different. Military forces consist of men.

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Yes, women might not being able to think cleary about how they fucked their lives up through feminism; but they feel it...they are miserable.

These women want men to own them, to control them.

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Honestly, I think more civilized men have a biological imperative towards ownership of women. Niggers have a biological imperative to pump and dump, but if you get more complex and civilized than the nigger level, the men are compelled towards family-based reproduction. This requires "ownership" of the woman to prevent her from spreading her legs for anyone else, so that you know it is your seed and your children inside of her. Ideally this ultimately leads to stable father-mother households for children who are related to each other. The father builds a house or buys one and goes out to acquire resources. The woman takes care of the children, and ultimately, the older children take care of the younger ones.

Most women seem to be geared towards "love" and will generally get stupid as a result of it. She gets involved with some guy who is obviously an irresponsible asshole, and you always find her saying, "But I love him." That's generally how family works. Men take ownership and women love stupid assholes to feed their love buzz.

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All women want to be mouthy sluts, ready to be put in their place with light domestic abuse and a sufficiently thick cock. They are living, breathing, self-contradictions. They are insatiable as a direct result.

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37 of the 50 most gender equal countries are white majorit while 21 of the 25 least gender equal countries are Muslim majority, and feminists want to import millions of Muslim men to teach white men how to treat our women. It's pretty obvious.

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I don't need to be taught on how to treat women. The problem is that there are laws that prevent me from treating a woman appropriately for her behavior that will put me away for years to get my face beat in by prisoners. Now I have a criminal record and a reputation as a woman beater only for some self righteous meathead to beat the shit out of me for hitting women, or some psycho white knight shooting me in the head because they're psychotic and starved for attention and thinking that killing a "woman beater" will somehow get them laid. Woman don't need to have the shit beat out of them, they need to get a slap in the face to straighten them out like the OG Sean Connery said: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oo0d1zTAFKA

come arrest me I'm ready.

if anyone is reading this thinking I just admitted to being a woman beater, I'm not, but a woman needs to be put in her place for being wild which is why we are where we are. Woman get away with tons of shit with impunity. I'm not saying there aren't women out there who don't need to be hit, because I'm sure there are, but I don't know any.

By all means humanity, keep smashing your faces into the wall. I've realized there's nothing I can do for you.

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More illustrations of why women shouldn't be allowed to rule at the gates of the city. Biblically women had a place and it worked pretty fucking good until commies jacked with it. America has become overran by freaks and there's not enough circus to keep them relegated to.

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Women are perfectly useful in wartime situations. They just shouldn't be seeing combat or making decisions. Those kind of activities require cold, emotional detachment in order to make the right call. A woman might be more inclined than a young man to allow emotions to dictate actions- women might have a harder time killing an enemy when they see the fear in his eyes, where a man will just do it and grieve later, in his nightmares.

Female instincts, formed over thousands of years, make them fantastic at micromanaging and such. There's a lot of micromanaging that's needed in wartime, and those auxiliary roles suit women. It seems that women tend to struggle on the macro end of life, large scale and long term planning are the bane of modern women. This is because women make decisions that cause them to feel good emotionally. This is the driving force of their existence. Observe any historical female's behavior, you will see this; even really successful women. Their emotions are their greatest weakness, and their greatest strength when they're driven in the right direction.

And that's where men come in. Patriarchy is the natural state of humanity because if we were a matriarchy, we'd have gone extinct a hundred times over.

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I agree with your claim that patriarchies are more successful in an evolutionary sense. All the world's major ethnic groups had patriarchies for the last umpteen thousand years.

A few matriarchal tribes in the amazon or africa is irrelevant compared to hundreds of millions of people born into patriarchal societies.

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hmmmm.. women must rule america too lol. that would explain the number of niggers and mexicans having consensual sex with niggers

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puppet masters like women in leadership positions because they are easier to control.

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It's not a fine grained level of control. Destruction in any form is acceptable to them.

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They understand that females are emotionally driven, and that their emotional needs are very shortsighted. They'll make decisions that have obviously terrible results 10 years down the line, as long as it makes them feel good about themselves right NOW.

This is the root of virtue signalling. Women are the original virtue signallers, and then men started doing it because they believe it'll score them some skirt. You can see the difference in the way men and women are driven in even the previous sentence: women do it to feel good NOW, men do it to feel good LATER (by talking the woman into bed eventually). That's the dichotomy boiled down.

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Would you fuck those feminist ugly 40, 50, 60 year olds ?

Someone has to fill the spot, those mudlimes will do it for a roof and food.

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God damn it I thought this was why dildos were invented...

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They have dildos, but they want the real thing, these are women with good jobs, established, and independent, but they are ugly as fuck, no man wants them, its like the trash fat white woman that end up with niggers, but these can afford better toys.

Ive had one of these women 20 year older than me wanting me to fuck them. But theres another brown turd that can do it for me gladly.

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They're just pissed off that Swedish men have become so civilized, have provided for every one of their peoples needs, and actually believe that society should be looking towards the future to be even greater, that they no longer rape their own women. So naturally the women want to bring in men who will.

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